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9th Anniversary FFXI Cake

Even though I still can’t bring myself to play FFXI without my old name, I still have a lot of fond memories of the game. So when Square Enix announced their 9th Anniversary Fan Art Contest, I knew I wanted to do a cake, having just come off a successful first venture into fondant with my Hunger Games cake. To see a step-by-step photo tutorial of this cake, head over to Making a 9th Anniversary FFXI Cake.

Before I get to the pictures, I wanted to mention that we’ve already eaten this thing. The kids gobbled up one leech each, though Baby Girl first asked if she could eat the Goobbue, since he’s the biggest and she was all ready for Mommy to let her eat a giant sugary monster. HAHAHA!

Yeah right.

Happy 9th Anniversary!

I have a total of nine characters here to represent the 9th anniversary.


Here’s a Tiny Mandragora, waving to you as he chills with some Saruta oranges.

Goobbue's Head

Here’s a view of the top of Goobbue’s head. He’s got little plants growing!


Three little leeches sit around smirking at each other. One of them has a piece of Strangely Shaped Coral!

Happy Anniversary

The side of the cake, with a Happy 9th Anniversary message.


Moogle with his pouch.

Mandragora and Bomb

Here’s the mandragora again, with the bomb eyeing up the oranges. You can also see the gobbie mask on the side.

Cait Sith

Cait Sith. I’m really mad that I didn’t notice one side of his face was smushed the wrong way until morning.


The bomb up close, ready to explode!

Top View

Top view of the cake!

If you’d like to enter, there’s still plenty of time!

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  • That’s ridiculous!!!!!! That’s.. so .. awesome I can’t even put it into words!!!!!! Wow that’s.. kawaiii…….

    Yes I agree as well that I have very VERY fond memories of FFXI. That is such a cool cake.. if it doesn’t win there is no justice in the world!

  • wow that´s awesome!
    The figures are made so real I think they will jump every second away…
    Great cake I love it!!!

  • Haha, that’s exactly what my cousin said, that the cake is ridiculous. Glad you like it! 😀

  • Thanks bakeneko! If the goobbue jumps at you, run!

  • Emmanuelle

    Hey Pikko,
    Your cake is freaking awesome! Would there be by chance a page where we could vote to help you win?
    *crossing finegrs for you!*

  • Holy cow! You should just start opening up your own bakery/restuarant/bento shop! big props to you on this cake!EIGHT hours! that’s a day of work! Is it easy to manage fondant? I’ve always wanted to try but afraid i’m going to screw it up, so I always end up using frosting. I guess I should try it one day. Good job!!!

  • Becca

    I never got to play that game, but love the mandragoras thanks to FF12 (I’m inspired now to try to make one with felt~). Lovely work with the cake! The time you took on the details really shows.

  • Sadly, no. But thank you for such a nice comment!

  • Ugh, no way! I’d end up dying under the stress!!

    It’s pretty easy to use, imo! Just go buy a bag from Ben Franklin and try it out once. It’s not as bad as I thought at all!

  • Thanks Becca!

  • Oh my gosh, this is amazing. You are really talented, and I’m glad to have seen these photos, very nicely done!

  • Thanks Pudding Pie Lane!