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Review: Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker Review, Part 3 and Giveaway!

Yes people, you are allowed to get extremely excited because it’s true: Zojirushi has agreed to sponsor a giveaway of their Umami Micom Rice Cooker on Adventures in Bentomaking! Details to follow the review.

I apologize for taking so long to post Part 3 of my review series (see Part 1 and 2), but I’ve had the most horrifying week of Easter leftover eating. You cannot possibly imagine how gagtastic it is to live with a family that snubs their noses up at leftovers, especially when you forgot to put out the big bowl of mac salad for your 24 guests to take home. I’ve been leading the leftover eating initiative on my own since Sunday and after today, I officially give up. The chickens can eat the rest.

For today’s final review I cooked with two more settings: Sweet and Porridge.

I had originally intended to try making something called Ohagi (using the sweet rice I got from Asian Food Grocer), which I’d never heard of before, but came up in my search for sweet rice recipes. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t pay too much attention before cooking the rice and didn’t notice I needed to mix in regular rice as well. So there I was with a batch of nicely cooked sweet rice and I’d already messed up the recipe. I googled the next thing I could think of, home made mochi.

It sounded simple enough, you just pound it by hand for 10 minutes in a mortar and pestle, which Mr. Pikko actually just bought for me a couple weeks ago. The thing is, have you ever pounded rice in a mortar and pestle for 10 minutes? Let me tell you, it ain’t easy! Especially when you can only fit 1/4th of your rice in it at a time!

Sweet Rice

I’ve never cooked sweet rice before, but this was no problem as all I did was use the Sweet line in the pot to measure how much water I needed for how many cups of rice I used. It came out looking great! I started pounding.

Pounding Mochi by hand SUCKS

Boy did the novelty of hand pounding mochi wear off fast… Here I am about halfway done. After I was done, I sprinkled a cutting board with potato starch and divided the mochi in half.

Mochi Cakes

I shaped them into nice balls and then coated them in more starch. I fried a couple and ate them with soy sauce and sugar, but thought they were a bit too sweet for my liking, which probably means I didn’t pound it nearly enough. I know this because I didn’t time myself. I simply pounded until I decided I was done. Baby Girl loved them though, lumps and all. She asked if I could make them again, but I’ll probably have to freeze them or make them in smaller batches because they didn’t store well in wax paper and a ziploc bag.

Last night, I tried out cooking oatmeal with the porridge function. I didn’t anticipate this going very well as I’m not a huge oatmeal fan in the first place, but own two huge bags of Coach’s Oats since I find the texture of that oatmeal to be pretty good. I actually used the amount of water called for on the package this time and used the Porridge function. I added a bit of milk and some sugar, but now that I think about it, I should have used less water to compensate for the milk or just left it out and added it in when it was time to eat.


It looked really great in the morning, though it was definitely goopier than I’m used to since I’d added the milk. Coach’s oats usually takes only 5 minutes to cook on stovetop or in the microwave, but I hate cleaning the pot so I never use the stove for it. I ate it as is and did find it to be a little overcooked, but I think this was because I just pressed cook last night and didn’t use the timer function, so it was heated for about 5 hours before I ate. In general though, it’s a good way to have breakfast ready for you when you wake up.

I hope you all have found all of my reviews on this cooker to be informative and helpful in your decision on buying a rice cooker. I noticed that Amazon’s page has an additional review instead of my lone review and was happy to read that the other reviewer agreed with me that there is a noticeable difference when cooking with the Umami setting!

First up, the bad news: this giveaway is restricted to the United States and Canada. Sorry! ๐Ÿ™

The good news for all eligible people is that I’ll let you enter the giveaway a total of five times, depending on how persistent you are. Please follow my instructions carefully and only comment on this post if you are entering the giveaway. Every entry requires a separate comment here so that I don’t have to go insane keeping a Google doc of all the entries. I will be deleting any invalid entries to keep track consistently. This giveaway will close on Thursday, May 12.

Ways to Enter:

  1. Required entry: Comment on this blog post and tell me what you most want to try Zojirushi’s Umami rice with.ย  It can be anything from a main dish to just plain furikake. (1 entry)
  2. Like Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook and then comment here saying you did and tell me what Zojirushi product you’re most interested in. (doesn’t necessarily have to be this rice cooker) (1 entry)
  3. Mention this giveaway on your blog and leave the link for me here. (1 entry)
  4. Subscribe to me on YouTube and comment here telling me what kind of videos you’d like to see from my channel. (1 entry)
  5. Tweet the following: “Enter to win a Zojirushi Umami Micom Rice Cooker/Warmer from @pikko and Zojirushi!” Comment here with the link. (1 entry)

Not sure how to get the status link? Go to your Twitter profile and click on the time of your tweet. That should take you to your tweet’s link. If you protect your profile, you should receive a follow request from me.

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  1. I am so happy you set giving one away !
    I would love to try it for my sushi rice. And to finally cook good brown rice !

  2. I would eat Zojirushi Umami rice with Chinese-style eggplant or other vegetables!

  3. I also liked your facebook page! I’m most interested in Zojirushi’s rice cookers, although the bread makers look cool too. I like that you can cook more than just rice in a rice cooker. I’m a huge fan of oatmeal (especially steel cut), and I read today that you can prepare quinoa in a rice cooker too โ€” super great for dorm room living.

  4. So excited for this giveaway! I would love to try anything that makes cooking rice simple and easier. Simple furikake it is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m very excited for this giveaway! I finally want to make congee without slaving over the stove for hours!

  6. I so need a rice cooker mine cracked!! I would use it for porridge with chinese sausages

  7. Already liked you on fb! I am ready for a new breadmaker, so that would be my first choice from Zojirushi. I am intrigued by their eco-cooker too. I love slow-cooking!

  8. I follow you on FB!

    by the way I think I put my email on wrong in the above entries it’s
    pleasegivepeasachanceblog AT hotmail DOT com

  9. I would love to make more sushi, preferably maki-zushi. Those will be really huge hit every occasions. Especially I would love to try making animals. It’s perfect for my child!

  10. LOL…maybe a new Zojirushi rice cooker that makes brown rice taste better will get uncle to eat it?

  11. Wow, what a giveaway! I would mainly use this to cook brown rice, as my tiny rice cooker doesn’t work with it, but I make curry once a week and wonder if it would cook that? I’d be likely to try!

  12. I would just like to be able to make really good rice! This would be so nice to win.

  13. I’ve liked your page on Facebook!

    I would either go with this rice cooker, or a bread maker. I would love to make bread at home, but I don’t have enough time to do so by hand!

  14. i’d like to try umami rice with mushrooms! SUPER UMAMI!!

  15. I’ve subscribed to you on YouTube!

    I think a fondant tutorial would be nice, since I’ve never worked with the stuff but I’m very curious. I know you do picture ones on Learn 2 Cook, but a video would be really interesting as well!

  16. I’d like to try Chinese sticky rice, or jook.

  17. I used to have a Zojirushi rice cooker…and what I miss the most is just a bowl of plain white rice, new crop, with a pinch of kosher salt and a fried egg on top.

  18. I already like AIB on fb, and am most curious about the Umami rice cooker since I see it everywhere. Really interested to see it live up to the hype.

  19. Rice is part of my everyday life xD If I do win this, I plan to make omurice with it, the classic ๐Ÿ˜€
    I absolutely love omurices, and rice is pretty much what makes an omurice what it is. My mom is the main cooker of my family, and I’ve never really cooked anything real for her. So as a thanks I want to make an omurice for her using this soon, if I win it ๐Ÿ˜€

    I liked Adventures in Bento making months ago lol. On FB I commented “I’m sooo entering” on the status about this contest, the first one who commented lol. My most favorite product from Zojirushi is Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker (BB-HAC10). My mom often makes bread, and the mini-ness of this bread maker makes it look so cute. Also it does a wonderful job โ™ฅ!/Yejinsayshurr/status/63747100457959424

    I also subscribed, my youtube username is kunoichi4679
    Lately I’ve been trying to make ringo bunnies, but most of the time they fail , so maybe if you can I’d like to see a video on that :’D There are lots others that I want to see, but the ringo bunnies are priority for me! โ™ฅ

    Good luck to everyone ~

  20. LOVE the youtube channel (and subscribed)! I didn’t realize you had one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe make some how-to videos of simple things, like shaping rice, and using different tools to cut shapes.

  21. I had a coworker that was from Hawaii and she always went on about how great it was to have a rice cooker. I am starting to agree with her as I have found I am cooking more and more rice lately. Would love to try it for sushi rice.

  22. I would love to try sushi rice in it. I *usually* have good success when making sushi rice on the stove top, but find the constant monitoring of it to cause me to make it less often than I would otherwise. I think I would definitely make sushi more often if making the rice was a little more “care-free”.

  23. Already liked you on FB. I was the first one to comment on the status about this c: My favorite product from Zojirushi is the mini home bread baker. My mom often makes different breads, since I absolutely love bread, the mini-ness make it so cute โ™ฅ

    Subscribed to you on youtube, my username is kunoichi4679
    I’d like to see a video on how to cut an apple into a rabbit. Those Ringo Usagi ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve tried so many times, but they’ve all failed. Most videos on youtube aren’t really good tutorials so… > __ < ;;

    If I were to win the rice cooker, I'd make omurice for myself and my 4 member family xD This would be the first time for me to make my own meal with my own rice cooker, and omurice happens to be my favorite, also pretty easy to make. Rice pretty much makes up the omurice, so I'm sure with the Zojirushi rice cooker it'll cook delicious rice ~~ โ™ฅ OR I'd make kurigohan… or even that mochi you made… it looks so good * Q *!/Yejinsayshurr/status/63747100457959424

    Good luck to everyone !!

  24. Liked on FB. My favorite product from Zojirushi is the mini home baker. My mom often makes different breads, since I absolutely love bread, the mininess make it so cute โ™ฅ

    Subscribed on youtube username: kunoichi4679
    Video on usagi ringo ๐Ÿ˜€ Ive tried so many times, but they failed

    If I were to win the rice cooker, Id make omurice for my 5 mem family. Omurice happens to be my favorite, also pretty easy to make. Rice pretty much makes up the omurice, so I’m sure with Zojirushi rice cooker it’ll cook delicious rice~!/Yejinsayshurr/status/63747100457959424

    Good luck to everyone!

  25. I would to try this rice with anything! I am new to bento-making so a good rice cooker is going to be a necessity with my family of 6.

    Good luck to all who enter.

  26. I would love to try the rice with the umami setting!!!

  27. I would love to win the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker to make my sushi rice with and I know it would come out much better then currently ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the give away ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I liked your facebook page “Adventures in Bentomaking” and I would love to have the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker to make life easier in the kitchen and venture further into bento making ๐Ÿ™‚

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  30. I would love this! Gonna make some yummy Terriyaki chicken to go along with it.


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  32. I’d love to try the brown rice setting. I’ve had the same rice cooker for years and have never been able to properly cook brown rice, so I’d love the chance to finally be able to do so!

  33. I’d looove a chance to play around with almost all the capabilities of this rice cooker (so thank you SO much for providing a chance to win one! Not quite in my poor-grad-student-budget!), but I’m most excited about the porridge option. It’s one of the things I fell in love with at age 13 on a Japan trip (and indulged in again at 16… it’s been a long time…) I just can’t easily re-create here. It’s such a comfort food, but takes way too long to make with way too much risk of burning down the apartment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. I subscribed to your YouTube (I’m andnomoreshallwepart on there). I’d love to see detailed instructions on prepping and cooking some of the more uncommon Asian veggies out there that tempt but intimidate me in the store just because I have no idea what to do with them!

  35. Entry 1 – I would love this! Honestly, I’m looking forward to a rice cooker that can handle more than just plain white rice. Ours doesn’t do very well with brown rice, either.

  36. I’m following/liking you on Facebook (have for a while now!). I’m Kerstin Wolff on there, too, obviously. I think I’m most intrigued by this rice cooker, though that sesame seed grinder seems extremely handy. Not as versatile though, so I have to go with the rice cooker. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I liked you on FB (as Whitney Perez). Of all the products, the mini home baker is pretty darn intriguing to me. We have a little kitchen and when we moved here had to get rid of our big breadmaker – but I miss having one.

  38. I just liked you on Facebook! I’m definitely most curious about this Umami rice cooker and how rice made using the setting differs from the “regular” rice I’ve been eating all this time.

  39. Subscribed to your channel on YouTube (which I’d been meaning to do for awhile – as whitneydrakedotcom) – I’d like to see more technique demos. I’m just getting into bento, so there”s a lot I’m still trying to figure out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I’m now subscribed to your YouTube channel (as mzvina). I’d love to see more step-by-step cooking videos, please!

  41. Honestly, I just want good, consistent rice to toss some Shriracha on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Liked your Facebook page and am really interested in this rice cooker!

  43. Aaaand here’s the link to my blog post! Thanks, Pikko, for the opportunity!

  44. Subscribed to your You Tube channel. Can’t wait to be inspired.

  45. I’d like to try cooking brown rice with vegetables mixed in. My old rice cooker only had 1 setting.

  46. i really want to try more rice types such as sweet rice and other special rices

  47. I’d like to try cooking brown rice with one of those. After a long separation, brown rice and I are back together but my rice cooker doesn’t seem to like the change of affairs.

  48. i liked you on facebook, i think the water boilers would be the best along with a rice cooker and such because i grew up on a nice water boiler similar to the ones offered by zojirushi instead of a coffee maker

  49. subscribed to your youtube through my google rss feed, maybe some more cooking with the rice cooker such as corn bread and other things.

  50. I liked Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook. I’d really like one of Zojirushi’s Ms Bento. I asked for a ‘bento jar’ years ago for Christmas and got Mr. Bento, which can hold more food than I usually eat in three meals!

  51. i tweeted about the contest!/XanderJL/status/63776269740933121
    (thanks for the reminder for the grabbing url for the tweet, i keep forgetting lol)

  52. I would like to use Umami rice to make mixed rice, been wanting to do this for a while and a rice cooker helps the process.

    I have liked Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook. I am mostly interested in Zojirushi’s rice cookers as I have read a lot of good things about them.

    I have subscribed to your youtube channel as user: aalamo2012. Would like to see some videos relating to the use of fondant, like making the little sheep and the coloring of plain fondant.

  53. I’d like to try a rice cooker that keeps the rice for several days, as I’ve seen described. Mine browns the rice if it sits just a few minutes over the “done” signal…

  54. I have sunscribed to your youtube channel also. Would love to see some videos featuring your use of fondant.

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  60. I’d love to actually be able to make enough rice for 3 meals without having to put the cooked stuff in the fridge, cause that dries the rice and makes it nasty. Would save me tons of time cooking dinner before Hubby comes home. More time to farm on FFXI. ^-^

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  62. I want to eat umami rice with steak.

  63. I’d love to try the brown rice since it always comes out really dry and too “brown” for my tastes, especially when we have sushi.

  64. I would love to try the rice cooker with some eggs and spam ๐Ÿ™‚ a delicious Hawaii breakfast!

  65. I would love to try the rice cooker with brown sushi rice.

  66. I “Like” you on Facebook. I am most interested in the rice maker as I really NEED one!

  67. I subscribed to you on YouTube and would love more bento making videos.

  68. I would certainly put this to good use as I’m the primary cook in the house. It would be great for kamameshi.

  69. Just added you on FB. I want to try this for sure. I’m totally in need of a new rice cooker

  70. Subscribed the youtube channel. For me, I would like to see a video series on the basics of the bento animals

  71. Ok all tweeted and set. You can see it at @OtakuKing.

  72. spam musubi

  73. I would really just love to make stewed rice, or porridge. ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. I like you on FB! ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. I would love to use the Umami rice in a chicken karaage curry dish. We have curry trucks in this area that sell this dish but I’ve always wanted to make it on my own but I’m somewhat intimidated by the process.

  76. I just followed Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook (not sure why I haven’t earlier – I’ve been following you for a long time since I was a FFXI player until this year). As for the Zojirushi product I’m most interested in, it would have to be the Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet. It would be super handy to have one in my small apartment and I like that it’s portable and versatile in what you can prepare in it.

  77. I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I would love to see some bento basics videos (there are so many blogs that cover this but I like to see the actual process) or maybe a tutorial of your most popular recipes. I really like the Hawaiian-Japanese twist on Japanese recipes and I think that would be great to show videos of.

  78. Here’s my tweet, thanks for holding this contest! I was hoping you would when you started doing the reviews on this rice cooker.!/BrendaCarrasco/status/63835403555311616

  79. 1. I’d like to use Zojirushiโ€™s Umami rice to finally make sushi! Even if I’m not successful, it’ll sure be fun trying.

  80. 2. Liked Bentomaking on Facebook and I’d like to have the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme
    Breadmaker to make yummy bread.

  81. I subscribed to your YouTube channel and I’d just like to see more and more and more and more bentos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. I would use it to make rice with spam! ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. tweeted! @Squigglemefloey

  84. I’d love to try the umami rice by itself, actually, since I eat rice like its my job. But if I had to pick something to eat it with, probably with tonkatsu!

  85. I liked your Facebook page! I have the classic Zojirushi thermal lunch set, but I would like the Mini Bento Stainless Lunch Jar set with the tote. It’s such a pretty design on a top-quality bento box.

  86. Just liked you on Facebook and I most definitely want the rice cooker the most!!

  87. Just subscribed to your YouTube…I would like to see more recipe/cooking videos!

  88. Would like to make rice pilaf, jook, and old, old calrose rice. Maybe attempt brown rice Spam musubi. Can you really pound with a ceramic mortar and pestle? I grind rather than pound with the mortar and pestle (but not mochi).

  89. I would love to have the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker and try making the sweet bean rice and make riceballs to give to all my family and friends. :3

  90. I have already liked you on Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook. I really like the rice cooker and it’s many features it has. ^^

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  92. Facebook “like”.
    I would like Zojirushi’s bread maker and rice cooker.

  93. I would use it for brown rice. I always cook mine on the stove, and half the time it’s either still a little wet, or I burn the bottom of the pan a little.

  94. I want to know what the umami setting will make the rice taste like. I already love plain white rice so I think it’d be interesting.

  95. I Facebook “liked” your page before, so I can’t “like” it again.

    I’ve always been interested in their thermal lunch sets, mostly one of their Mini Bento sets since I am a small Chinese girl with a small appetite. =)

  96. I subscribed to your YouTube channel. I think I’d like more bento packing videos. Maybe some more how-tos for either free-hand nori cutting or things like that.

  97. I would love to try to make mochi like you did. I got a mortar and pestle last summer and have yet to break it in. I also think my two kids would be very helpful… ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. I liked you on facebook. I am very interested in most Zojirushi products, but I think the Mr./Ms./mini bento jars are next on my priority list.

  99. I grew up in a house that never ate rice so I rarely cooked it until I got married a few years ago. and my husband started asking for it. I would love to have a rice cooker like this to vary my rice based recipes. Right now I am leaning to make different types of sushi and would love to use it for that.

  100. I like Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook. Other than the rice cookers, I love the stainless steel lunch jars.

  101. I would try it with fresh veggies from the garden!

  102. I would love to just try the rice alone with a splash of my favorite soy sauce. Not very exciting, but what can I say? I like rice.

  103. I would love to make sushi rice for a sushi party at home!

  104. I Liked you on Facebook- and I have to say a rice cooker for sure!

  105. I’d love to try some of that brown rice you talked about, using the rice cooker!

  106. Hi! I am a bento-obsessed teen who would love to eat Umami rice with some crab curry. Sounds good to me! I would also try to make rice pudding, my favorite dessert, in it… yum.

  107. i eat so much brown rice and quinoa and lentils – i’d make it all in this!

  108. I’d love to try it with tonkatsu the most. I tried to make it quite often but never got it quite right till you put up the step by step directions. d^_^b

  109. Hello! I’m really interested in just the umami white rice setting. One of my favorite breakfasts is to a soft poached egg over a hot bowl of rice and a little bit of soy sauce. If this rice cooker can make that breakfast any better, I’m all for it!

  110. Ohh, I have been wanting to try making sweet rice and mango for some time, so this blog post is super helpful! I’d use my Zojirus to make sweet rice!

  111. I Tweeted!
    @jbhocb Enter to win a Zojirushi Umami Micom Rice Cooker/Warmer from @pikko and Zojirushi!

  112. I am following you on FB and yes, I really want one of their rice cookers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. I posted a link her on my blog. Here is the link:

  114. I subscribed on Youtube. I loved the Three Little Pigs, would love to see more like that.

  115. I just liked your Facebook page. I’m very interested to try the Zojirushi neuro fuzzy logic capabilities. I mean, how cool is it that a rice cooker utilizes neuro fuzzy logic to cook perfect rice and keep it warm?

  116. I would like the Zujirushi Umami mainly just for plain old rice for side-dishes for meals. My very cheapo rice cooker that I got when I got married does a terrible job. And the timer! Oh, I would love and adore a timer. I’d also really, really like to try making some rice pudding in it, I think that sounds like a wonderful, delicious idea. And maybe some one-pot rice cooker meals, or rice cooker bread or cake or any of the other things that I keep running into recipes for that I can’t do because my rice cooker is the most basic of basics.

    Mostly, though, I’d just like some perfectly done rice for once.

  117. I really want to try it with sushi rice, and an amazing macaroni and cheese recipe I found that you cook in the rice cooker.

    I also Liked you on Facebook, can’t belive I didn’t have you already, and I would LOVE this rice cooker!!!

  118. 1.
    Since I don’t really eat a lot of rice and I am not much of a rice connoisseur I would most love to try just a plain rice on the umami setting and see if my untrained tongue can taste any differences. ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. 2.
    I already “like” Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook, so I couldn’t like it again. As for a product I would love to have – ANY rice cooker would be nice, because the one I have now is super cheap and crappy. The mini bread loaf maker is cool too – since there is only 2 in my household a tiny loaf of homemade bread would be amazing.

  120. 3. (No blog, so I can’t do this one)
    I am subscribed to your YouTube channel. I think the videos I most like watching are tutorials on how to make cute things for lunch. Cooking show type videos would be fun too – where recipes are made and shown how to do it from start to finish.

  121. 5.
    And now that Twitter is finally working again:!/Bunny_Fat/status/64096312118870016

    Good luck to everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Making mochi sounds fun, if I could take the hours of pounding out.

  123. I would like to try to cook Mushroom rice from Elizabeth Andon’s cookbook, Kansai.

  124. i would like this to make mochi

  125. I eat rice almost every day so anything with the Umami rice would be good. But I think I’d most like to try it with my husband’s torikatsu!

  126. I thought I was already thumbing you up on Facebook but I was wrong! So, now I am a fan! ๐Ÿ˜€

  127. i liked you on facebook! i am super interested in the micom water boiler and warmer!

  128. I want to use Zojirushi Umami rice in onigiri for my bento boxes. Also to have it as a side dish with dinner. There are soo many dishes that are great with rice, and I always have trouble cooking rice so that it’s not crunchy or overcooked.

  129. Would love to try sushi with this rice maker!

  130. 2. Liked you on Fb! I’m actually the most into the rice cooker ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. i subscribed to you on youtube!
    i would like to see video instructions on making japanese sweets! hehe :9

  132. I Am already “liking” you on Facebook ๐Ÿ˜‰

  133. Besides just tasting the umami setting cooked rice by itself and with some of the furikake I bought while visiting Hawaii, I would like to eat the rice with Japanese style curry.

  134. 1. I would want to make brown or hapa rice w/ furikake. =)

  135. 2. i “like” u on facebook
    Zojirushi Umami rice cooker

  136. I want to try making sushi rice and onigiri!

  137. I have a cheap rice cooker. This would sure be a step up! I would love to try desserts, such as cakes in it.

  138. My daughter recommended your site. I’m glad she did. I also follow your FB page.

  139. Would love this for my family- we eat rice all the time!



    I tweeted! Not great with twitter, couldn’t figure out how to link just the tweet, sorry.

  141. I would love to use it to recreate every kind of rice dish ever. I love rice, period. ๐Ÿ˜€

    But I would probably mostly use it for onigiri’s.

  142. It’s really cool that Zojirushi is giving you one to give away. I make rice about 50% of the time correctly in the pan and the 50% I botch it up somehow. I’d just really like be more consistent in making rice. I love rice balls.

  143. I “liked” you on facebook. The other product I’m interested in besides a rice cooker is one of their water heaters. I really like the battery operated one, especially for work.

  144. Thank you so much with this giveaway. I would love to cook some brown rice to perfection.

  145. What a great giveaway! I, too, have been tempted by your descriptions of how much better the umami rice setting is. I would probably just use it in my next bento. My husband is also trying to eat healthier and wants to eat more brown rice. If this rice cooker could make it come out better than my current cooker, maybe I could join him in this effort! ๐Ÿ˜€

  146. I just “liked” you on Facebook. Thank you for having a contest for us! I would be interested in the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker, your reviews have been fabulous on this and other products.

    love your posts, so am looking forward to seeing what you have on FB.

  147. And I did not know you had a YouTube channel. It will be fun to watch your videos now that I have subscribed. It looks like you have one on opening a pomegranate. Would enjoy seeing videos and tips on cutting nori for faces.

    Thank you for having a contest and using it as a way to let us know you are on YouTube and FB. Your blog posts are so friendly, it is great to learn from you!

  148. not sure how to copy in the tweet, hope this will be ok. Also let my followers know that you have a great cookbook in a separate tweet..

    kblueheron K
    Enter to win a Zojirushi Umami Micom Rice Cooker/Warmer from @pikko and Zojirushi!

    have a great day!

  149. I would cook white rice using the timer!

  150. I would try making brown rice.

  151. I would try making hapa rice. Want to find the genjimai rice you often mention.

  152. Tweet here:!/KileyFields/status/64678271278776320 (Had to make a account so I could enter xD)
    I liked Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook, and honestly the rice cooker would be the one I most interested in. Mostly because I’ve never had a rice cooker, want one, can’t afford one, and would love love love to have it.
    Subscribed to your youtube. And I would mostly want to see more basic kind of cooking on there. Maybe video reviews on there!
    And now for my entry on here~ I want to try it with well, anything I can. Defiantly with furikake though :0

  153. I want to try making brown rice that actually tastes good! For Healy reasons I only ever make brown rice, but I just wish it was better tasting. I liked your reviewsabout this cooker and I would love to get it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. Enjoyed reading your review and thrilled one’s being given away! –>!/summer_queen/status/64847164844675073

  155. I’m hoping that the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker will cook my wild rice mix (instead of mushing it). I want to use the rice to stuff bell peppers. Stuffed peppers are onolicious!

  156. Liked on FB. Aside from the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker I would really love the Zojirushi Water Boiler. Its the one piece missing from my tea empire.

  157. I did not know you had a YT channel, just subscribed.
    I love to see recorded review or simply recipes.

  158. I think the rice and beef stir fry – it’s my fave anyway.

  159. I subscribed to your youtube. I like the videos of your bentos the best!.

  160. aannnd I liked you on facebook, yay! Def. interested in the rice cooker I have been trying to decide which Zoji. rice cooker I wanted to get.

  161. My kids are obsessed with “sticky” rice (I use jasmine) but my husband can’t take it. After your review on the umami setting I’m wondering if that might help improve his liking? I’m sick of making multiple sides! Great giveaway – thanks!

  162. I follow on facebook – and really the rice cooker is the item of choice!!

  163. i just want to cook rice in the cooker and be able to wash the pot and cover. i currently have an old zojirushi 10 cup rice cooker. it doesn’t cook 10 cups very well, but 9 cups and under are fine. the thing i hate most about my current cooker is there is no removable cover. how gross is that? how can you cook rice everyday without washing the cover? and you know how pleasant it is to tilt the cooker in the sink to wash it without shorting out the whole cooker?!! help please!!!

  164. I’d make congee with it. Ever since moving out, we only have a simple rice cooker with only a cook or keep warm setting. The non-stick coating barely works as half the rice sticks to the bottom. I’ve been looking into a better rice cooker but the nice ones are so expensive ๐Ÿ™

  165. I want to try to make sushi rice!

  166. I would love to try the Umami setting for my plain white rice. Such an understated dish, but when your plain white rice taste perfect, you just know you will have a great meal!!!!

    I blogged about the give away in my blog

    And off course, I “like” your Adventure in Bento making on facebook page ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I own the previous model to the rice cooker! I had to fight to get it since my husband’s family are Tiger fan! But I must say, everyday, I am more and more in love with my Zojirushi. Next I am thinking of buying their stainless steel bento lunch kit.

  167. I tweeted about your giveaway, can see it there:!/ABCCooking/status/65519075870261249

  168. I love your blog! I would like to make perfect brown rice that my DH will actually eat without complaining about!

  169. I want to use the rice cooker to make umami rice for my family!

  170. I added you on Facebook. I am most interested in the Zojirushi umami rice cooker!

  171. Iโ€™ve always wanted to have a Zojirushiโ€™s rice cooker… and this one would make me very happy. I would like to use it to make sumeshi, cook brown rice, sweet glutinous rice, and so many other delicious food !!

  172. Ugh, sorry. I read this and came back five hours later and forgot the part about putting seperate entries in seperate comments.
    So here’s the Tweet:!/KileyFields/status/64678271278776320

  173. I liked Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook, and honestly the rice cooker would be the one I most interested in. Mostly because Iโ€™ve never had a rice cooker, want one, canโ€™t afford one, and would love love love to have it.

  174. Subscribed to your youtube. And I would mostly want to see more basic kind of cooking on there. Maybe video reviews on there!

  175. Now for my entry on here~ I want to try it with well, anything I can. Defiantly with furikake though :0

  176. I want to try some Umami rice with my Plum Furikake I bought. It looks like it would be super delicious with it.

  177. Hey Pikko! Mentioned the give away in my latest blog post right here:

  178. I make rice in my bento everyday. My friends started asking why I always bring rice. anyway it is a pain to cook in a pan. This looks like it would make it easer. I would just like to make rice to put in my bento.

  179. I just saw that every entry had to be in separate comments. I will repost my 2nd and 3d entry.

    I blogged about the give away in my blog

  180. And off course, I โ€œlikeโ€ your Adventure in Bento making on facebook page ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I own the previous model to the rice cooker! I had to fight to get it since my husbandโ€™s family are Tiger fan! But I must say, everyday, I am more and more in love with my Zojirushi. Next I am thinking of buying their stainless steel bento lunch kit.

  181. I think it would be really awesome if on your YouTube channel you show how to make different art to go into your bento, or just simple ways to make it look nice. I’d really like to see how to make some of the things you make, and sometimes cookbook visuals just aren’t enough.

  182. Dunh, digga dunh. Not the first time I’ve tweeted something like this, haha:!/cookingupnovels/status/65962952821456896

  183. I’m already following you on Facebook from the last contest you held, but I think the rice cookers are the nicest products they have, just because it seems like they would be really nice to have as both a college student and part time worker. Ah! I’ve also noticed there’s another Kristin T out there, but don’t confuse them with me. That’s just coincidental apparently o.o
    -The other Kristin T

  184. It’d be great with lemon caper fish! YUM!

  185. Isn’t it always amazing to see how many silent readers you have once you put out a giveaway? ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. I would eat it with every kind of fish I could find!

  187. I would loooove to try and make the most perfect bowl of rice!

  188. I subscribed to you on you tube! How about a video specifically for weight watchers?

  189. As my current rice cooker is old and burns everything I want to cook I would be utterly glad to be able to cook plain rice at perfection! But I would also love to try cooking some of this sweet rice you prepared: homade mochi really tempt me!

  190. I would love to try cilantro lime rice with this. I love the zojirushi rice cookers. Mine just died after serving me well.

  191. i am wanting a rice cooker that i can make onigiri for bento lunches and have the rice ready when i wake up in the morning. since my daughter started having more food allergies we are loving all kinds of Asian foods. we will use it for rice mostly, but all kinds – sweet, brown, white, sushi, etc. and to go with bento and stirfry and…. the imagination is endless! thank you for doing this geveaway!! :o)

  192. I’d love to try the new Umami rice cooker! I lived in Japan and miss having properly cooked rice. There are so many dishes I’d like to make, but the first thing I’d try is my “new crop” sushi rice with ground beef and egg (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!).

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway!

  193. I subscribed on YouTube. I’d love to see more videos of bento-making, and Japanese dancing or festivals. Thanks!

  194. Just plain rice for me! I love eating it that way.

  195. ery interesting blog! I love bento and I love doing kawai touches for my daughter. My old zoji ns-kcc005 is used DAILY.
    The first thing I’d do is experiment with small portions of PLAIN rice. Just like when you go to a great resturant, the criteria of it’s greatness isn’t so much the signature dish, but how well they do the most basic. I’d probably start with basmati, then calrose, then arborio, then jasmine, etc. That would give me inspiration for the first major dish. Perhaps I’d try a risoto with seafood stock and whatever fresh seafood my market has.

  196. I guess we’re supposed to come back here and post that we liked you. I did. My favorite zoji would be this new umami cooker or another MICOM cooker. Before this umami came out, I was looking at the gbc05 IH cooker to replace my ancient kcc05 cooker.

    I’d like to see videos with EASY kawai ideas for a parent to surprise their kids with when they have lunch at school or that we can do for our spouse when they go to work. It’s great for them to feel loved, plus I know my daughter loves to show off for her freinds that I take an extra minute or two for her to smile.

  197. I’d love to use it for sushi rice…or even sticky rice? We have 8 people in this house, and let me tell you, it’s not fun making rice on the stove top lol

  198. I’d love to see how a Ms.Bento works out for me. Hubs loves his Mr.Bento, but I think that would be way too much for me.

    I follow adventures in bento making on facebook (jennifer davies)

  199. I subscribe to youtube channel…would love to see videos for moms that are in a hurry every day, there is just no time in the day anymore

  200. I would like to use it for my normal everyday rice, or even when I make sushi. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  201. Hey, I just wanted you to know that I mentioned your giveaway on my blog. You can find it here:

    By the way, I really appreciate your review of the Zojirushi cooker. I stumbled across your review while doing product research, trying to decide what kind of rice cooker to get (and how much it was worthwhile to spend), and your three-part review provided a very good introduction to the merits of a Zojirushi.

  202. I subscribed to your YouTube channel. This might seem odd, but I’d love to see some videos which show what normal life is like in Hawaii, especially food. That might seem odd, but it occurred to me while reading your blog that a lot of the things you describe as being normal in Honolulu are almost foreign for a Midwesterner, and pictures don’t always do the differences justice.

  203. I was gonna say rice cuz I suck at rice making but after reading your review I will go with Irish Oats as I am on an oatmeal kick lately. I’ve never heard of Coach’s before…will have to check it out.

  204. I’m a bit of a purist lately with rice- a little homemade furikake, some pickled vegetables- I’m a happy girl!

  205. OMGosh – I am sooooooooooooo glad that I found your site! I’ve just gotten into “Bento Box” meals, and want to have a Bento Box party very soon. I’ve also been coveting the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker, so I would be so excited to win this.

    I make rice several times a week, and have had trouble making wild rice mixes, in the rice cooker that I know have (which is over 10 year old), which I think may be on it’s last legs:-(

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  206. Following on FB
    I would love to have the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker, but the Gourmet d’Expertยฎ Electric Skillet would be fantastic too!

  207. Subscribed – YouTube / Libby’s Library

  208. I’d like to try the Umami rice with teriyaki chicken wraps.

  209. I would use Zojirushiโ€™s Umami rice to make some rice balls for bento!

  210. I’m interested rice cooker, of course. Life time huge fan of the brand is here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. I would use it to cook everyday plain white calrose rice ๐Ÿ™‚

  212. I make tons of rice for curries, stir frys, sushi, and just to eat with condiments. I would love to try Zojirushiโ€™s Umami rice and the rice cooker for all of them. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  213. Oops! It posted somehow without me even finishing my sentence!

    What I *meant* to type is — So, so excited about this! I would love to use a rice cooker to try my hand at sushi rice. Yum!

  214. Ohhhhhh I’d love to try out the zojirushi umami rice cooker ๐Ÿ™‚ Love this site!

  215. I also liked your FB page! Oh my goodness Zojirushi has some nice cookware! I want it all! But I think (next to the rice cooker) I’d be wanting the Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker. So many possibilities!

  216. Gosh, the food you prepare always looks so delightful to enjoy. The portions are just right. I am working to eat right while battling an eating disorder. Preparing food seems insurmountable most times but the Umami Ricom Rice Cooker would make preparing rice appealing to me.

  217. I would like to make curry rice. I’m also really interested in the brown rice setting. I need to try making some hapa rice! Mixing it is a great idea.

  218. I subscribed to your YouTube channel, and I would love to see some videos on making things like the chowder you had in today’s bento or on making tempura. I’ve always been a little nervous to deep fry things, and it would be helpful to see a step by step process.

    Thank you!

  219. I would love to try it for sushi rice! This is a cool giveaway. Thanks for hosting it.

  220. I liked “Adventures in Bentomaking.” Honestly, the product I’m most interested in IS this rice cooker.

  221. I subscribed to your videos! I think it would be cute if you did more “bento cooking” videos.

  222. I liked you on FB! I’d love a rice cooker that could cook more than plain white rice. I love to make black and white rice, but they are very different to cook. I’d also like to try filled onigiri or more plain onigiri with furikake (sesame seed!). ๐Ÿ˜€

  223. I liked Adventures in Bentomaking on Facebook, and I am most interested in their rice cookers. They are truely the best when it comes to cooking rice! Nummers

  224. I subscribed to your YouTube channel as well. I didn’t think to look there! Definitely want to see videos of putting together bentos! I need all the help I can get since I am such a newb.

  225. Yay! Spreading the word about your blog, too ๐Ÿ™‚!/anatawabakadesu/status/68559633152876544

  226. I realllllly want to try brown rice with the rice cooker, but more importantly I want to try umami since I have never tried it before! ^.^

  227. I want to try making oatmeal in the Zojirushi! I’d love to wake up in the morning and be able to eat oatmeal that’s already been prepared.

  228. I’ve liked you on FB! Love the blog posts, can’t wait to read more!

  229. I’d want to eat rice with a fried egg [over easy]. I was a pretty picky eater when I was young, so if I didn’t want to eat what was made, I got a fried egg. Food-wise, I’m pretty adventurous now, but every once in a while I love just eating a bowl of rice with the egg, breaking the yolk into the rice. Yum.

  230. Liked you on Facebook. Would love a Zojirushi rice cooker.

  231. I’ve yet to make a decent pot of rice, so I’d love to see just how good the Umami rice is with just plain furikake and a little bit of soy.

  232. Darn! Just delete that last one. Just realized I need to do each one separate.!/silveranderson/status/68755226634625024

  233. I really want to make mochi with this rice cooker, but I love that there is a porridge setting. That rocks!

  234. I like you on Facebook and would love the servery equipment like the soup warmer, coffee server, that type of stuff that Zojirishi has

  235. Iโ€™m subscribed to you on Youtube and would love to see some how-toโ€™s for kawaii stuff, like characters, using vegetarian ingredients.

  236. I woud use Zojirushiโ€™s Umami rice cooker to make sushi rice, and rice for onigiris :3 … i love that two.

  237. I would love to use this rice cooker to make a rice porridge, and fill it with bits of meat and vegetables.

  238. I just LIKED you on Facebook and am very interested in the Zojirushi Umami Rice Cooker or in a Hot Water Heater

  239. I subscribed to you on YouTube. I would like to see recipe videos.

    My channel:

  240. I’d make either okokbap (5 grain rice) or maybe try baking bread in it, since I’ve heard you can bake bread in big rice cookers but mine’s too small.

  241. i need a rice cooker like this. it would make dorm cooking SO much better.

  242. I would use this rice cooker to make plain rice, and brown rice, and oatmeal!

  243. I liked you on Facebook (Abbey Marie is my name there). I would love any Zojirushi rice cooker. One of my best friends has one, and it’s lovely!

  244. I subscribed on youtube (dameinadress).

    I would like to see demo/technique videos (like the pom one), and recipe videos. The little rice cooker song one was adorable too!

  245. I would use the rice cooker to make brown rice and finally get dinner on the table at the right time for my two little ones!

  246. I would use it to make Hapa rice. I can never seem to get it right!

  247. I would love it just to make plain rice, and maybe brown rice. My current rice is a basic manual one (no timer) so I always end up with a brown crust, which is definitely not my favorite thing about it!


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