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Rotisserie Chicken Bento

I’ve been using instant messaging programs since college, back when ICQ was the only program people used. Then came a flood of others and I hated having them all up at the same time. I moved to Trillian, which I kinda hated, then started using Pidgin, which I love. All my friends are stuck on one ‘Buddy List’ and all my chat windows are in one window.

So anyway, I’m just on my computer, doing stuff, when suddenly Buddy sees the word “Buddy” and since he can recognize familiar words, he asks me what it says. When I tell him it says Buddy List, he became incredibly happy and ran to tell big sister. She comes over and reads it and is immediately angry at me.


She used her real name to protest, but you get the idea. I couldn’t help it and I laughed at her, then assured her that it didn’t mean Buddy as in our Buddy.

Costco Chicken Bento

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any bentos. To be honest, I’ve been packing bentos, but have been too lazy to post them, mostly because they’ve been a bit plain or I’ve been too busy.  This one is a quickie I made with sliced Costco chicken breast, furikake rice, and some cucumber pickles. I’ve got some yellow cherry tomatoes growing out front that I have to use soon, so look for them!

The summer has gone by so quickly and the kids will be starting school in less than two weeks. We just bought most of their school supplies the other day and Grandma J bought them both backpacks, which is great because I spent like half an hour trying to convince Baby Girl that she really really really did not want to buy an $80 Hello Kitty backpack at some specialty store just because she had the birthday money to buy it. She was going to make me take her back and get it later. Sigh.

Though I want to pack bentos for Buddy, I’ve purchased school meals for both of them, to cover days when I’m just too pressed for time or there are no leftovers to send them to school with. It’s funny that I’ve been waiting for his first day for so long and now that it’s finally coming up, I’m in a total bento rut! LOL!

How are all of you doing with your back to school activities?