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Grilled Rabbit Bento

I am very sad to report that my son may not have any culinary talents in him. Yesterday, we were grilling food for dinner and since he said he didn’t want rabbit or kabobs, he marched into the house and made himself dinner without telling anyone. He came back out with a peanut butter sandwich and a square of cheese, declaring that he was going to have a peanut butter and cheese sandwich. I think Grandma J talked him out of it, as he ended up eating the cheese first.

Who knows though, maybe he’s a genius and I should try it. LOL!

Grilled Rabbit Bento

Today’s bento is a grilled rabbit leg on a bed of rice with some choy sum greens, a grape tomato, and a small grilled sweet onion. The rabbit was seasoned with some Emeril steak rub that I got from a Foodbuzz thing. I know I mentioned some of my yellow grape tomatoes, but I ended up using those on the kabobs I grilled, so I’m using red ones from the fridge until more yellow ones ripen.

I posted the roasted rabbit on Fictional Food and Mockingjay and several people said the sight of it made them feel like yakking. One person said I was disgusting for raising an animal for meat. Because all that meat at the market wasn’t raised for the exact same reason.

This week Thursday Buddy’s preschool teacher is retiring. Any ideas for a good parting gift?

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  • leyliagray

    You didn’t raise and skin this rabbit did you? And.. rabbit is getting more common these days…? Its meat is leaner. If you try the pb and cheese.. let me know how it goes… My friend was telling me her g/f from NZ likes Jelly and cheese sandwiches.

  • Hi Pikko, Kudos to you for raising your own meat. Though some think it as cruel, your rabbits lived a healthy, stress free life and I’m assuming free of chemicals or additives. Very unlike commercially raised rabbits, cows, etc.

    I love the char on that onion! Yum.

  • Choppies

    Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches are delicious! Best with crunchy peanut butter and a young Gouda.

  • Moontaj

    I gotta admit when Hubby saw your pic on Fictional Food he kinda turned green and asked me to move the pic outta the screen when he found out it was rabbit. Personally I think the Fic Food pic is lovely and it made me hungry.

    When he saw what I was looking at today he warily asked me what it was, so I said; “Grilled meat and a grilled sweet onion.” Then he asked what kind of meat, I just smiled at him before saying “Bunny.” (It was a nice smile!, not a mean one, really!) He nodded and said your bento looks much better than the other photo, even though he admitted the Fic pic wasn’t any worse than a luau pig.

    Both look great and you did an amazing job on both.

  • Sorry Alice, but we did raise this and kill it. Or rather, Mr. Pikko did. Jelly and cheese?!?!

  • Thanks Debra! Yes, our bunnies live a nice life. Though they’re caged, we give them fresh herbs to eat every day and hubby takes really great care of them. Plus they give us fertilizer to make the basil grow bigger for them to eat!

  • I’m a little grossed out but still fascinated at the same time. I don’t know if you’re serious or if you’re trying to trick me into eating the most disgusting peanut butter sandwich known to man. lol

  • Haha, I take it he’s never tried it himself? Grilled it tasted just like chicken, even Baby Girl ate it!

  • When you mentioned the sandwich I thought of that scene from “Little Monsters” when the boy eats a pb sandwich with a huge slab of stinky onion. Also (as most people know) I’m a vegan but I’m glad that you’re actually raising these animals (at least the rabbits) in your homestead instead of having to go through the whole factory process. At least you’re knowing what is going into the animals and you aren’t acting clueless about the process as most people wish to be when eating meat. ^^ Sorry for rambling on, heh.

    As for the gift – maybe some “apple” onigiri with something that she can keep and a nice card? You could even get your son to sign it (or even make one) and it would be really thoughtful. 🙂

  • Tessaface

    Hey Pikko,
    I thought you might be interested to know that I work at a supermarket, and yesterday I heard a pair of women shopping with some kids ask a little girl what she wanted for dinner. She declared, “a sandwich with ham and cheese…and mayonnaise…and peanut butter!!!” Everyone in a 10 foot radius was cracking up. xD

  • Tessaface

    P.S. I just looked at the comments on the other sites where you posted about grilling your rabbit, and don’t listen to bigots. :] They’re just freaking cuz Americans (and most English-speaking countries, actually) have such a huuuuuge taboo on eating “pets.” Animals are animals, meat is meat. Yes, I have a house full of dogs and cats, but they were raised as pets. If I put some chickens in my backyard, they’d likely be raised differently, as meat. I wouldn’t treat them with the same affection.
    Hope your rabbit was as delicious as it looks. :3

  • Timeeka

    Bravo for raising your own meat. People have gotten too sensitive to do the hard work of knowing exactly where their meat comes from and how it’s raised. It’s the kind of responsibility that would save us all from the depleted resources and frighting additives of the near future.

    The bento looks lovely. The char on that onion is making me wish it was lunchtime.

  • Sounds like something from a Roald Dahl book! lol

  • That is too funny and what a coincidence, hahaha! I guess with kids they’re like, ok, I love peanut butter and I love cheese, therefore I will love them together.

  • It was much better than the last ones I’ve cooked, which I roasted, fried, and stewed.

  • Thanks Timeeka! Mr. Pikko will be happy to hear all this praise! 🙂

  • Vinie

    Looks nice!
    Sadly rabbit is something i would probably end up eating alone, as my boyfriend is really difficult, and maybe if i don’t tell my son what it is at first he would eat it…
    I understand what kind of comments you got…i mean, i regulary eat horse meat. And it’s delicious, super high in iron and lean! (But i don’t kill my own horse, as i live in town. Would get some looks from the neighbors lol) And as some people in my family got horses (for fun, not food) i get alot of weird looks when i arrive at a barbecue with my steak..haha!

    On the sandwich thing, i once had a customer (i work in a restaurant) ask me for a peanut butter and ham sandwich! Was so weirded out, but apparently i did it very well because he loved it.

  • I don’t eat meat myself, but I feed rabbit to my dog and cat. They absolutely love it!

  • Okwe

    I’m glad you raise/grow/butcher your own food. If enough people did it, there wouldn’t be so much crappy food in the world. The rabbit makes me hungry, lol. Actually, i prefer “game” meats to “conventional” meats for the express purpose of the “virginal” quality to it. Less chemicals and poisons. Kudos for wanting to not poison yourself and your family.

    Don’t worry about people, I know people who don’t know where leather comes from!

  • Michelle

    I’m 26 and I proudly eat crunchy peanut butter and cheese sandwich!

  • Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches are delicious! Seriously!

  • Rexy

    I say KUDOS for raising your own meat. Not only are you ensuring that your meat isn’t full of weird antibiotics and was humanely raised, it raises awareness for your kids that meat isn’t just a slab wrapped in plastic at the store (which I think a lot of people tend to forget).
    I think the rabbit looks yummy, by the way.

    As for a parting present for Buddy’s teacher, how about something personal, like some of the stuff you grew (tomatoes and mangoes/whatever super surplus you’d like to share) along with some seed packets? Definitely a gift that could potentially keep on giving.

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  • I dont disagree with you..