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Mac and Cheese with Ham Bento

In the words of Baby Girl, yesterday was “some ickyΒ tuna lunch” at school, so we discussed lunch alternatives and ended up going with mac and cheese. And while I realize I’m not being a very healthy lunch packer, I still need my kid to actually EAT. And she will definitely eat mac and cheese.


To keep it nice and warm, I used my Zojirushi mini bento, though you’ll notice the side container doesn’t match. My side boxes have joined the tupperware rotation cabinet, so I’m not completely sure where it went.

To make sure she got more than just carbs and cheese, I cut strips of some deli ham from Costco that she loves and mixed it in. I didn’t heat it up, just sliced it cold and let the heat from the pasta warm it up. She ate almost all of it, but left most of the kiwi. After a bad experience with itchy mouth she’s been steering clear of them. I wish Costco would start selling golden kiwis as I prefer the taste of those!

Turns out the ham was needed, as I ate the leftover mac and cheese for breakfast and it wasn’t all that tasty. The ham added the perfect touch of saltiness and flavor!

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  • Your Yum-Yum Bento book is the first book about bento I bought. I remember I read it some many times like a novel! It’s thanks to it I started make bento and I really love it!

    I am sorry if I made mystakes, but I am a french girl ‘^^

  • Pikko

    Thank you for visiting and commenting Lau-Lotte! I’m glad you loved the book so much! πŸ™‚

  • Looks tasty and beautiful!

  • Pikko

    Thanks Jenn! Taking photos in RAW really helps make up for my awful lighting “techniques.” lol

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  • You can always add summer squash to the mac and cheese if you feel the need to add more veggies to her lunch.

    You’re doing the best that you can! πŸ™‚

  • Hey Pikko, we miss you! Hope all is well.