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Halloween Kitty Cat Sandwiches

Last night, I was trying to figure out something to make for today, thinking back to my past Halloween bentos. Eventually, I settled on black cats, as I don’t think I’ve ever done them before.

The result isn’t a bento, but it’s a lunch all the same. I was in a bit of a hurry–my tummy was rumbling–so I just put them on a plate.


I took tutorial pictures, so I’ll do that next week sometime. They turned out cute, though, don’t you think? I used taro bread to give it a nice Halloweeny feel, cut the edges off, and made a grilled cheese sandwich. Hopefully when the baby is older and able to eat bigger kid foods, I can use him as a guinea pig for lunch.

Of course, he’ll have to be trained. No eating until photographs are taken. Don’t touch the nori scissors. Ask before eating scraps because you might be eating a vital piece of the character. And most of all, don’t touch my camera. 🙂

Awful, I know, but he’s my third, it’s to be expected. Har har.

Anyway, he ate one sandwich all torn up, while I ate the rest with some Annie’s Organic Tomato Soup, which I got as part of my Comfort Vox Box from Influenster.


While the soup was good, I was most pleased with the packaging. Obviously it’s not a can, but the way the box top opened was very easy. You just pop the sides up, press down on the top two corners to make the box turn into a pouch of sort, then you tear the top off. After that, it’s easy to pour out. It was a lot of soup, so I only ate half, and it was simple to just close it up and stick it in the fridge. I’m a lot more confident it won’t spill than a can I’ve just plopped the top back onto.

I was happy enough with it that I’ll probably try one of their other soups from Amazon. They’re a bit higher priced than they would be if I bought them at Costco, but who knows, maybe I’ll eventually see it there anyway.

Have a great weekend!