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Mr. D Bento #2 – Sandwiches and Hot Dog Rolls

Doom. Gloom. <insert expression of failure>

Yeah, I got the dreaded full lunchbox back, just as I’d feared. Despite a hopeful morning, when it came lunchtime, all he did was pick at the Bantam Bagel and eat one piece of strawberry. The rest came home untouched.

The reasons? The food wasn’t hot. (sigh) He was thirsty. (double sigh, cause his teacher didn’t see my note in time to order him milk, and he forgot his water bottle in class)

That said, I can’t let one hiccup derail this train. If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that sometimes you have to keep trying until eventually you figure things out. One rejected lunch doesn’t mean it’s time to give up—it means I need to adjust. On the bright side: no spillage of leftover food in the bag and he was able to open and close the box on his own.

Last night I asked if he’d like sandwiches or hot dogs, and he declared he wanted both, so okay, I went with both.

Today’s lunch is about two-thirds of a ham sandwich (the last third didn’t fit), a hot dog roll (wrapped in a slice of flattened white bread), peeled clementine (which he declared he wouldn’t eat during inspection this morning), a mini chocolate chip muffin (which will no doubt be eaten first), and slices of a teeny tiny strawberry.

I microwaved the hot dog really quick, rolled the bread out, and then “sealed” it with a bit of mayo. This made me remember Hawkeye’s daughter in Endgame saying, “Who puts mayo in a hot dog?” Well, apparently I do.

I couldn’t fit the whole thing in, so I gave the last piece to Mr. D to eat along with his cereal, and he really liked it, so I didn’t bother packing ketchup.

Hopefully this lunch is more successful than yesterday. Wish me luck!