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Spam Musubi Bento for Zoo

I was playing a bit of Vanguard last night when at around 11 I just got so completely tired all of a sudden, so I went to bed *gasp* an hour early. Woke up at 7 am and started cooking the spam and hot dog in the shoyu sauce (equal parts sugar and soy sauce with maybe 1/8 cup water for volume). I’d made a lot of rice the day before while doing the football bento so that I wouldn’t have to cook more. It was a little dry so I had to add some water and let it steam a bit.

I sliced up the extra yakitori chicken I made yesterday and some kamaboko (pink fish cake). Fried that up with a bag of chop suey veggies then added the yakisoba noodles, which I’d chopped up for easier eating. Added a bit of oyster sauce and it was done! Yum!


While that was cooling off I worked on the spam musubi. I decided to cut them in half this time so that my daughter wouldn’t pig out and eat 2 1/2 whole ones all by herself. It worked, cause she only ate half of one before moving on to the mango. Though now that I think about it, maybe it didn’t work, cause she ate three for dinner. =[

Spam Musubi

Last of all, I put the hot dog and cucumber kimchee in. I wrapped the cukes in a paper towel so that they wouldn’t ooze water all over the musubis. I had thought about making egg omelette too, but it was just too much food as it was, so I stopped there. Besides, I’d already made us half an hour late. D: The finished goods:

Zoo Bento

Only MIL came along with us because everyone else was busy or chillin’ at home. It was a very nice day at the zoo, sunny but breezy. We got a nice table at the snack bar and the food made us very popular with the flies and birds. Those suckin’ pigeons are huge and seriously brave! Next time I wear a tank top though, I need to remember I’m not immune to the sun. My shoulders are red. O_o