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Beef Broccoli & Tofu Bento

My super duper MIL made two dishes last night, one being gluten-free (beef broccoli) and the other being not (mapo tofuMapo tofu is a spicy Chinese tofu dish made a spicy chili and bean sauce, but Grandma J's version has no spice and has a slight, sweet taste. It's delicious!). I took a lil bit of both along with some white/brown mix rice. It looked pretty plain color-wise, so when I got home I added some chopped kamaboko, furikake, and an extra carrot flower I couldn’t fit into yesterday’s bento. It looks basically the same as yesterday, but I’m ok with that. I sure am eating a lot more rice than last week. >.<


Yesterday, I either had an allergic reaction to something I ate or I burned my throat really badly while drinking my tea because my throat has been swollen ever since I ate lunch. I don’t know whether it was cause I microwaved the bento box, cause I cooked my food on that grill, or if the musubi mix in my rice had mushrooms in it. I’m thinking I must have burnt my throat because usually my reaction to mushrooms goes away by the next day. Whatever it was, it’s very uncomfortable and I feel like I have cotton in my throat everytime I swallow. -_-