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Aidell’s Meatballs Bento

Last night we ate Chinese and I am happy to report that I was successful in cramming my mouth with so much broccoli, Chinese peas, and ong choi that I didn’t have much room for rice or gau gee. I think that’s the key. Fill yourself up by eating tons of the veggies first, then when you get to the stuff you really want like cake noodles, gau gee, and breaded meats you can’t really fit any more than a few bites for the sake of the taste on your tongue.

I have been so swamped with at-home work all week that I needed a fast and easy bento today. I ended up putting in some meatballs, soy beans, and two frozen onigiri. It took me all of 5 minutes to put together, which totally rocks!! I didn’t heat it up because I figured that’s easily done at work during lunchtime. Now that I look at the picture though, the arrangement looks a bit strange… Maybe next time I’ll only put in one onirigi. Looks like my bento is looking at me!! I should have gone the whole way and added some pupils!

Aidell's Meatball Bento

This is a 6 point lunch, kinda nuts for me on Core but I lost weight again today so I’m still confident on my progress this week. The meatballs are from Costco in case I forgot to mention that last time. Nuke for 2 minutes and they’re ready. And surprisingly, they are only 1 point each meatball, probably because they’re made out of chicken. Very yummy! We were at Costco again last night and unfortunately, they still didn’t have any of these things in stock. If you see it, grab some! Aidell’s brand. 😀