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Red Rabbit Bento

Someone e-mailed me yesterday saying what a great advertiser I am for Weight Watchers. Haha! That’s really nice to hear! Anytime you have questions feel free to comment or e-mail me, I’ll be happy to answer. We went to a wedding on Saturday and though I had an entire plate of food, almost the whole thing was Core and I ended up eating a slice of cheesecake. Just goes to show that you can eat at a buffet and still stay on track!

The chicken meatballs have been an attraction for MIL since that day at the beach so she went down to Costco and bought some for dinner last night. They’re a little spicy, but taste so good! These aren’t hers though… I am still nursing that second bag of meatballs that I had bought. So if you see a meatball tucked in here and there in the coming weeks, you know why.

This bento features a red rabbit egg! I used my egg mold and then intended to dye it pink but ended up putting too much food coloring, leaving me with red fingers and a red bunny.

Red Rabbit Bento

I dug out some of my frozen kim chee fried rice for the starch. The peas looked rather pale, so I took out some frozen ones and mixed them in with the rice to look brighter. The meatballs are on lettuce and I added takuan, carrot, and daikon kim chee to fill in spaces around the red rabbit egg.

I’ve begun to realize that I eat a crazy amount of food during the day… I mean, I eat an omelette for breakfast, I pack a lunch, a salad, and a fruit salad too. Sometimes I eat popcorn. Then when I get home I eat another salad, dinner, then a fruit snack again. I’m thinking maybe my metabolism has perked up again. It probably helps that I’m eating a lot of fibrous foods!