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Oyako Donburi & Fried Rice Bento

The portion of fried rice I defrosted yesterday had too much in the bag, so I’m using up the rest of it in today’s lunch. We had ribs for dinner last night and I didn’t want to eat that two days in a row so I was yet again lunchless last night and had to come up with something based on the contents of the fridge. Since I need to use my leftover stash because it’s threatening to cause freezer asplodage, I chose the donburi.

Oyako Donburi Bento

This will be a real bento for me (by real I mean, “to go”) because I took the day off to run errands and do some bento shopping for a couple people so I’m going to heat it up soon and eat it in the car during a break or something. This second layer has tofu cubes and some edamame on sticks. I forgot to pack soy sauce before I took the picture so it actually has a little piggy bottle in it.


I was 131.1 this morning, woot! Weight Watchers advises you to not get on the scale more than on your weigh-in day, but I’m more the kind of person that needs to know how I’m doing to keep the momentum so I check every single night and morning. I’d read in Reader’s Digest that people have an easier time keeping the weight off when they weigh themselves daily, so I took their little tip to heart and it’s been good for me so far. I’m sure it’s different for others. I think next week I will take a picture of myself to show my progress at last!