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Loving Turkey Sandwiches Bento

I am famous (at least within my own little household) for buying food on sale and then forgetting that I have it until either:

a) I want to use it, but it’s long expired or
b) I accidentally find it the day before expiration

“B” was the situation I found myself in last night while deciding what to make for today’s bento. I’d bought two packs of the Oscar Mayer deli style turkey breast cause sometimes I like to just sit there and eat it by itself. Well it has a ‘use by’ date of yesterday, so I had to go with turkey sandwiches again even though I’d just recently done the star shaped turkey sandwiches.

Loving Turkey Sandwiches

There’s a bed of sliced baby carrots underneath the sandwiches and I intend to put the tomatoes on top of the kim chee crab avocado salad I brought. And now that I mention that, I’m going to start referring to that as “KCCA Salad” just so that I can shorten it a bit. On the bottom layer is cubed cigar mango, which my dad was kind enough to buy at the swap meet in Hilo and ship over along with what seemed like my son’s weight in lychee. Thanks Dad!!

Cigar mango is hands down my favorite mango, ahead of even the great revered Hayden mango! I haven’t had Hayden mango in a while actually. My grandfather-in-law had a Hayden and a Puree mango tree, but since he passed away the house has been rented out and we don’t get to pick those any more. 🙁 He had some big bambucha ones too. I think the biggest I had was like the size of two softballs. I’ve tried to buy at the Kam swap meet but since the sellers there have all stolen their mangos they don’t really know what kind they are and pretty much automatically just call it hayden. Plus some of them are so scared someone will steal them before they can, they pick them so green you might as well make pickle mango out of it. I dunno, maybe I’ll have better luck this summer.

I was 131.8 this morning, so I’ve got my work cut out for me this week. Leave it to me to blow last week’s progress all in one day! D: