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Return of the Shrimp

Having just returned last night at 9:15 pm from my trip home to Hilo for my class reunion, I was too exhausted to make a bento last night. The reunion was fun, I got to see two of my good friends from high school and got my hilarious time capsule which contained letters to myself, $21 in cash, and a report card with two Ds that I obviously never gave to my parents. I wanted to go take a picture in front of BJ Penn’s gym, but didn’t have time. 🙁

So anyway, this morning I nabbed some of my freezer food, nuked it, and woot, a quickie bento. I love this freezing food thing, it’s so convenient and efficient!


I threw in a lot of edamame for more veggies and packed a box of mango, cherry, and grapes. I had planned on going back on my 5 points a day Core diet again this week, but with the Fourth coming up, I know that won’t fly. I’ll probably try to stick to 5 on the days I can, but do 9 on days I don’t feel like it. I was 129.5 this morning, so maintenance is going quite well. ^_^

My photos are getting rather bad, so I’ll need to go look into getting better lighting somehow. The stove lights are just not cutting it anymore!