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Store and Slideshow

Okie dokies people, today I’ve miraculously managed between Baby Girl’s 500 questions and Buddy’s 300 requests for various foods to complete a slideshow and a sorry excuse for a store to sell some bento things. It’s a PayPal cart and I have the most ghetto shipping policy ever, but I hope it works anyway!

The store can be accessed here. I welcome comments but please keep the laughter about the site layout to a minimum. I was really lazy and pressed for time so I just used a Dreamweaver template.

Update: Story is no longer open.

My slideshow is of my bentos obviously, but I picked out only the ones I like more than the others.

I had more to say, but I’ve just run my toes across a Fruity Cheerio that I apparently crushed with my chair earlier today and so now I’ve got to go pull out some hair and slowly count to ten while I pick the little pieces out of the carpet.

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