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Cheeseburger Macaroni Bento

We went to the zoo yesterday and it was OMFGHOT when we got there at 12:30.  Long story short, we cut the zoo trip short and went straight to the Keiki Zoo because of the heat. When we got home I was so beat that I ended up just making Hamburger Helper, which I keep in the house for emergencies such as these.

Cheeseburger Macaroni Bento

I added in peas to make it pop out a bit more and to make it healthier. I used my green Putifresh box today to match the peas and used one of my new furoshiki cloths to take the picture. On the bottom layer I have cucumber and carrot slices pickled with some rock salt, a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss, and sliced avocado.

I don’t know how many points this lunch is but it’s definitely high considering what it is. I’m still maintaining steadily at 128 so lately I’ve just been making sure that I eat well enough to keep that up. I weigh myself twice a day every day.

Avocado and Veggies

Having a new hobby that costs money, even one that can be supplied cheaply at stores like Marukai, I need ways to make money.

Back to my zoo story… First we stopped to eat at Genki Sushi on Kapahulu and we thankfully got there just before the rush. I did nicely on control, only eating 3 1/2 plates and then a bowl of somen (which was really good!). After that nice lunch, we headed off nice and hopeful for the zoo parking lot.

Of course, hoping to park in the zoo lot was wishful thinking. We saw how many cars were hovering and then we decided I should take the kids in by myself while Mr. Pikko parked the car. This was a good idea because lately Baby Girl seems to have the attention span of a gnat, constantly whining that, “I don know what to doooo, Mommy.” Drives me 10 kinds of crazy, too.

So anyway, we go in and after slopping on the sunscreen (the $11.99 bottle we bought on the last trip to the zoo) we of course look at the whooping cranes first. I let Buddy loose and this led to us getting stuck at the flamingos for a good ten minutes. The sun was out to murder me and my kiddies so Baby Girl and I kept trying to convince him that the elephants were just down the walkway. He seems to love elephants so you’d think he’d take the bait. But no, he’d run off about 10 feet, point into the gift shop and scream, “ELLA!!” and then go back and look at the flamingos more. I found out as we were leaving the zoo it was because there were two little toy statues of elephants at the door. So he thought he’d seen the elephants and then went back to the birds.

It took Mr. Pikko at least 30 minutes to find parking and by that time I was so beaten down by the sun I caved in and bought a wallet ravaging Dippin’ Dots for $4.00. This cooled us down enough to be able to walk again and finally Mr. Pikko arrived. Lesson learned is that the zoo on a sunny day can be fun, but the zoo with extreme sunshine, not so much.