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Chickie Egg with Mochi Bento (105)

We ate yummy lasagna last night but I actually FORGOT to pack some for lunch. *sob* The one my MIL makes is the Stouffer’s Meat and Sauce lasagna and it is sooooo yummy. I like to make turkey lasagna but this one is just so good I can never get enough of it. Too bad it’s like 6 points a piece, haha! Maybe it’s best I didn’t take any…

Anyway, I had to start from scratch for today’s bento and so I took from a recipe I saw on Kitchen Cow since I had leftover peas to use. I was freaking AMAZED. For once I fried some eggs and they turned out ok. They did not stick to the pan like Baby Girl to my legs and came out nice and crumbly. The only change I made to her recipe is that I added a bit of pepper as I like to have pepper in my scrambled eggs.

The eggs are in a baking cup in the top left. Going clockwise I have some vegetable fishcake, avocado, mochi, an egg chickie, and some imitation crab sticks. In the orange container I put some sugar, which I will use to eat the mochi. I bought a pack of frozen mochi last night and chopped it up into fourths. I’ll microwave it until it’s soft and gooey then eat it with soy sauce and sugar. This is different from chichidango; it’s the kind of mochi that you eat at New Year’s time. I’m going to guess that this one mochi is at least 4 points because a lot of rice goes into each one. That makes this bento around 5-6 points with the sugar and the fishcake.

I have been trying without much success to import my blog to WordPress so I can finally move this thing to my own domain. It’s very frustrating, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to post without having to worry too much about losing everything, which apparently Blogger likes to do sometimes. Scaryyyyy!!