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Teriyaki “Butt” Chicken Bento (115)

I am now on Day 5 of wild and crazy busy week. I can barely find the time to think lately, I’m even forgetting to blog! D: Last night we ate May’s Teriyaki Chicken thighs, which I think is a Hawaii brand of foods. They make wicked teriyaki burgers, too!

Anyway, I packed some up and put it on the dashboard when we were putting the kids in the car. I forgot we were on a slope and the tupperware came skateboarding down onto my seat and crash landed in a violent frenzy of rice, corn, and chicken. I screeched and picked it up immediately, but Mr. Pikko still felt the need to say, “Don’t worry, the only thing that goes there is my ass.” Well, gee, thanks dear! Anyway, that’s why I put the “Butt” in the title. It fell under the 5 second rule, so it’s all good, right?!?

Teriyaki Butt Chicken Bento

I added in some edamame and an umeboshi. The box I used is actually quite ugly, I bought it simply for the nice food separations inside the box. Not that it mattered today since in my haste to get into the car this morning I dropped my bento bag, causing it to land upside down. *sigh*