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Roast Chicken Bento (165)

Every day this year so far has been a unique mixture of crap and today is no different, but somehow I feel a little better about things. I’m not sure why. The situation I’m in is just as crappy or worse now, but my head is clear and my emotions in check. Maybe I’m just numb already, which is probably bad.


My lunch today is sliced Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken with furikake rice. On the side I have some green salad and tomato. There is French dressing in the little orange container. The green shamrock bottle has some soy sauce for the chicken.

In my crappy 2008 year I do have something awesome and win to look at with glee. Something to look at and squeal, “EEEEEE!!” whenever I feel like I need a picker-upper.


OH YEAH, BABY! That’s right!! A pic of me with Colt Brennan!! I was walking through campus to meet Mr. Pikko to go to a UH rally at Bachman Hall when I see Colt standing on the lawn in front of Hawaii Hall. I kinda hung around then went to meet the Mr. I told him we should go back and we waited with two other women until he was done filming the promo. The other ladies got his autograph and I walked behind until he noticed I was there. Mr. Pikko took the pic really quick and my hair got in the way, but it’s still a good pic with great lighting! He’s really freaking tall, lol! (ie I’m really short)

So yeah, that made my day yesterday.

The highlight of today will be the canning of Herman Frazier. I will have to pinch myself. Someone at UH actually has half a brain for once?! How is this even possible??