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Parent/Teacher Conference

I have no bento today as I’m leaving at noon to attend Baby Girl’s parent teacher conference. This should be interesting as her teacher gives me the impression that she’s allergic to parents. Anyway, we received her report card a couple weeks ago and were a little taken aback by some of the reportings.

She had “Needs work” down under the curiousity and asking questions section.

I can imagine the meeting already.

“Your daughter doesn’t ask very many questions, we are concerned.”

I will then look at her with a facial expression that says, “You, madam, are on crack.” After that, I will inform her that in the last year, I have heard more questions come out of her in one car ride home than you hear during a week of Family Feud reruns. Then maybe as a joke I could tell her I’m thinking of having my ears surgically removed until the Whiny Years are over.

I’ll also have to ask whether her little boy crush Ryan really is eating cockroaches and zebra heads. She tells me this at night as a little joke, which leads me to wonder about how healthy her imagination is. +_+