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I will be doing my knife drawing tonight at around 10 PM Hawaii time, so you better hurry and get your entries in!! I had originally planned this for Friday, but as you may have noticed, I suddenly dropped off the face of the bentoing planet. This is what happens when you stay home with a vomiting child.

When we picked up Baby Girl from school on Monday the teachers said she felt ill, but she was happily running around eating a cracker, so I thought this was just her wily way of getting a free cracker. Turns out though, that she really was sick. In the car she starts screeching and holding her throat, which was a good sign that lunch was coming back for revenge. I looked around and sadly, the only thing I could find to help her out was my cute pink Hello Kitty bento lunch bag. I made the supreme sacrifice and let her paint it with regurgitated food. Nice image to give you on my food blog, I know, but I had to let it be known that despite all my complaining I really do love my kiddies. Mr. Pikko was later horrified to hear that I would be washing off my bento bag, throwing it in the laundry, and actually USING the bag again.

Of course, I caught said bug. I spent around 20 hours on Wednesday just sleeping. Unfortunately Baby Girl miraculously recovered at midday and I was barely able to walk to the bathroom. She conned many licorice whips out of me that day. Thursday night Mr. Pikko caught it. Friday the in-laws got it. Buddy, the original source of the bug, simply helped out by leaking poop everywhere.

By Saturday, I felt worlds better. I’d lost 5 pounds but quickly gained half of it back once I discovered I could actually eat again. Mr. Pikko was on the mend as well and wanted to get out of the house, so I suggested we go to the Mililani Bon Dance. This made him feel sick all over again because though a proud Japanese American, he is allergic to obon.

I took video while doing the becho (or Fukushima Ondo). It was so much fun. I think Mililani is the best one I’ve been to on Oahu so far.

Good luck to all in the drawing and thanks for entering!!