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I said the following yesterday:

I’ve since thinned this pot out, moving one sprout to another pot with smaller plants and then spreading the remaining two apart to give them more room. Hopefully they don’t die to my root meddling.

When I got home last night I went to go peek at the plants. Lo and behold, three watermelon sprouts lay there dead. *sigh* I am sorry, oh precious watermelon sprouts. Being the type that totally learns her lesson from things like this, I moved more sprouts this morning. Mostly cause one pot that had two now only had one, but it wasn’t in the middle, so I had the maddest urge to center it in the pot. Hopefully it is alive tonight. But now that I think about it, I forgot to water them. *sob*

This is the bento that I had Monday. I made a musubi and coated it with furikake, then boiled some choi sum to layer around it. After that I cut some baby bell peppers in half and layered them on top. I finished off the lunch with two meatballs from the freezer.

For fruits I cut up some watermelon, which was dirt cheap this past week at Foodland at 19 cents a pound (while supplies last!). Me and the kiddies are watermelon fanatics and we managed to eat 3 entire seedless watermelons in a week. We have one more waiting at home for us to cut up. Next to the watermelon I have kiwi and golden kiwi slices.

So much has been going on lately that I am really going crazy. I’m already two chapters behind in reading for my class, meaning that I really haven’t changed like I’d hoped from my college days. Usually I’m the type that goes to class to doodle, read the paper, scribble down things I’d rather be doing, then suddenly look up and go, “Wuh? Test on Thursday?? Crap.” The class IS really interesting though, so that’s great.

This Saturday is the first home game for UH! Woohoo! Actually, I’m not all that excited. Our home schedule sucks and the team is in disarray after all the craziness last year, but I’m sure I’ll get into it once we get there. I do know that I am pretty tired of explaining to our kids why Colt Brennan won’t be there.

Yesterday, my Aunty K emailed me to say she saw some kid’s bento book by a lady on Oahu at Borders, so I went to Amazon and searched for bento and found this other book and I freaked the frak out. The first book that came back was a bento book that had one of my lunches on it and it was published by a company I didn’t recognize. Long story short, after I had a series of heart attacks and popped some blood vessels in my head, I found out this is actually the bento book I contributed images and recipes to. YaY! A crisis turned into a moment of joy! Woo! Hopefully I’ll have more info for you folks later.