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Country Style Ribs (255)

As I mentioned the other day, I was trying to coerce Mr. Pikko into taking me for ramen. The mission was a success and I was able to curb my intense ramen-frenzied appetite with some Shabu Shabu Curry Ramen from Sumo Ramen.

I’ve learned the hard way that not all Sumo Ramen locations are created equal. We ate at the Market City Sumo Ramen, which has excellent curry ramen, mapo tofu ramen, and all other stuffs ramen. However, if you eat at say, the Pearl Highlands Sumo Ramen, you’ll find that the quality of their stuff splats to the floor. The curry ramen here is simply curry with ramen in it. GOOD stuff. The stuff at Highlands is a soup with some curry put into it.


I should know, I’ve eaten it twice. Once to try it and a second time because I forgot how infinitely shitty it was the first time. Here’s the ramen with noodles exposed:

Yum yum yum!! The shabu was terrible at first, being really tough and hard to chew, but after I shoved it down under the curry to simmer in the heat for a bit, the pieces of meat emerged soft and yummy and curry soaked with flavor. I ate it all. +_+


Today’s bento contains country style pork ribs, rice, and some green salad and tomato. I didn’t bring any dressing as the meat eaten together with the salad ends up mixing together quite nicely.

Weekend is near! I think this calls for a trip to the beach!