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Teri Beef (268)

I didn’t get a chance to read my camera’s manual this weekend like I wanted to and didn’t get to carve my FFXI pumpkin last night OR bake the thank you brownies for the SE office people because Baby Girl kept waking up scratching herself like a maniac and Buddy kept waking up to tell me the “cockaroaches” were still eating his stomach. He says this whenever he has a stomachache. When someone invents a way to remove roaches from a toddler’s tummy, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP. I prefer a method that he will believe.

On Friday, no one was hungry except Baby Girl so we let her pick where to eat. That ended up being a mistake because she immediately picked Genki Sushi, which always end up being expensive and always results in mad amounts of food on the floor and tobiko all over the booth. Tobiko is maddeningly difficult to remove from booth seats! Anyway, I fooled around a bit with the camera, much to Mr. Pikko’s dislike, since while I was snapping pictures Buddy was dropping food about halfway to his mouth. Oops.

This is by far my favorite sushi at Genki, Garlic Salmon. I have no idea where the garlic comes in, maybe it’s in the mayo. They squirt some on top, flamethrow it, then add the green onions. It is heaven on a little plate.

This is a roll Mr. Pikko tried, since he wanted unagi but none was to be found on the line. I didn’t try it, but I loved how the picture came out. This was taken with the camera’s food scene mode.

Buddy doesn’t really know how to remove the beans from edamame pods yet, but he still tries. You can see my pile on the left and his version of “eating” them on the right. Gross.

We were running late this morning so I took today’s bento picture at work. I was actually really unhappy with the way the photo turned out using the food scene mode. I’m guessing it’s the lighting here at work.

As you can see, this is horrible. I busted out my old camera and took a shot with it to see if the coloring was any different.

As you can see, the coloring is drastically different, but the rice is still fuzzy because of that damned smudge on my lens that I can’t seem to get off. I looked at a few of the other camera modes and ended up trying the “Candlelight” mode. This one turned out a lot better.

I was pretty happy with this one in the end, but still thought you could see the detail on the corn better with the old camera. My issue was with the blue tinge on the rice. Yech!  I took a closeup of the bento in the same candlelight mode to see how it does in-the-face and that was pretty good too.

This bento has rice with ume, teriyaki beef leftover from last night, cucumber flowers, tomatoes, a slice of corn, and grapes.

I want to thank all the people who were patient enough to comment requesting the URL to my FFXI bento. I mailed every single one of you with it and so if you didn’t get it, check your spam box!

The kids have been driving me crazy lately, but they’ve also been cracking me up as well. Buddy has been going to sleep with his UH football lately. And by going to sleep with it I mean he goes to bed hugging his football. When he gets up in the morning, he’s carrying his blanket and the football. Yesterday I watched E.T. with the kids for the first time and surprisingly they sat there and watched the whole thing. Mr. Pikko sat down near the end and when E.T. was leaving in the spaceship Baby Girl goes, “Daddy, where will ET get candy if he goes home in the spaceship??” LOL!! I’d forgotten what a magical movie it is, it was great to see it and I was so happy they watched it too.