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Santa Bento (282)

We went to Costco today to get dessert for today so we can fatten up while watching the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl this afternoon. I bought a bag of bell peppers, this one no doubt doomed to rot just like all my others. I used the red one to make this Santa bento today.

I used cheese for the hat fluff and the top ball. On the side there is Costco chicken and blueberries. Santa’s face is made with fish sausage and his nose is bell pepper. The kids were pretty happy with it, but of course didn’t eat the hat or the nose. I was happy to eat it for them. The picture came out horrible, mostly because Buddy had found my camera and rubbed his grubby little fingers all over the lens. *sob* That and I was too lazy to pull out my lightbox. This was more like a prototype kinda thing. I have to do a lot more improving on doing this as it was pretty hard and didn’t come out how I’d been imagining it. Still, I rarely get to make bentos for the kids so I am satisfied for today.