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Furikake Frenzy Winners

I don’t have a bento today because we’re having our monthly potluck luncheon here at the office. In the meantime, I’ve picked my Furikake Frenzy winners! Woohoo!

Since I only had 11 entries, I just did this manually by writing the numbers 1-11 on pieces of paper, folding them up, and picking my two winners. My first place winner of the Anpanman Furikake bottle (which my nephew LOVES) is Entry #08 by coppelia. My second place winner of the 20 packs of assorted furikake is Entry #05 by arkonitebabe.

Thanks to everyone who participated, stay tuned for more giveaways and contests this month!

Lost spoilers under the cut…I know some people were disappointed with last night’s episode, but I loved it. Josh Holloway is so great at doing that confused and pained look, the one that says, “I’m supposed to be a badass, so why do I feel like crying?” or “I sure do love that Juliet but once Freckles comes back, uh…” Their scenes from last week sure threw me off, I had assumed that Sawyer’s “Is three years long enough to get over somebody?” line was him talking to Kate. Plus, I hadn’t suspected at all that time stopped jumping and they were now living the three years too. Very cool stuff.

I guess I’m getting a break from Lost bentos next week. *sob*

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