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Lazy Bento and More TV (324)

Mr. Pikko was kind enough to cut up 2 hours of news for me to get this clip of my A Shirt for Sawyer bento shown on KITV News This Morning last week Thursday.

This week my Aunty C will be handing off printouts of both bentos to get to the cast via some complicated only-in-Hawaii connection. Hopefully I get back some kind of autograph! That would be soooo bitchin’! (And *cough* maybe they’ll see what I said about wanting to be an extra.)


Today I have a pretty lazy bento. I had a bunch of fresh veggies that I needed to start using before they started to go bad, so I decided to pack up a lot of fruits and veggies along with a small amount of fish sticks and rice. I was supposed to cook them a certain way to ensure they were crispy, but I ran out of time to actually bake them.

This is Pikko-talk for “I burned my first three fish sticks in the toaster oven.”I set it to 425 degrees and put it on for 15 minutes just like the package said, but the darned things were charred half black when I finally went to go see what the hell that burning smell was. The good news was they were definitely crispy! 🙁

The asparagus went in first and I actually had to throw out the first 6 stalks I nuked because I put them on a plate with a metal ring and after seeing sparks in the microwave, I decided I didn’t want to risk eating metal and find out a year later that I have cancer because I was too cheap to throw out 6 stalks of asparagus. The cucumber is one that my dad gave from his farm. They’re strangely sweet and I found myself eating like a dozen slices the other day.

The tomatoes are propped up on more cucumber slices so that the food looks even. I put a small star shaped onigiri in, separated by sushi grass, and then put the freshly microwaved fish sticks in after cutting them in half.


In the basket I have some green grapes, raspberries, a clementine, two kumquats, and a bear sauce container that has some kewpie mayo in it for my asparagus. Nothing really special or flashy today, but with my weight now back up to 142 pounds, I seriously need to get back to healthier bentos with less rice! O_o