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St. Patrick’s Day Sushi Bento (328)

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, which I remember as the day that you’d get pinched in elementary school by the girls when you forgot to wear green and pinched by the boys for wearing green. You just can’t win in that cutthroat environment I tell ya. In the spirit of the day, I’ve made a very green bento using something I saw at Marukai a few months ago and have been dying to use just for today.

St Patricks Day Sushi

It’s called wasabi tobiko and although I hate wasabi and basically never eat it with sushi, the color was just too good for me to pass up and it’s not all that spicy. Hopefully a gobful of tobiko in my mouth isn’t much different than nibbling on a few. (hahaha)

Normally I’m a really lazy sushimaker, but today I decided that I should just use the dang bottle of sushi seasoning that I have in the cabinet. No sense wasting it right? I used the microwave rice cooker to cook the one cup of rice and despite all the reservations people have been posting about cooking plastic in the microwave, I’m still pretty happy to be able to cook without my rice cooker charring half my rice.

Green Sushi Bento

This isn’t a whole roll of sushi, I didn’t want to use two crab sticks, so I only made the sushi as long as that stick, which turned out to be about six pieces of sushi. Usually six is a good number for me but when you order a maki, it comes with 8-10 pieces and I end up eating all of it so I don’t waste. Unless it’s a Lion Maki, then it’s not wasting, it’s just me snarfing down the best sushi ever.

Having some extra rice, I decided to make some ume maki too, though I need to work on my centering. The paste looks like it’s hugging the side, grr! Next to that I have some edamame pods.

We got the kids’ school portraits today and the set is $142. *sob* I’d like to just get 7 of the sheets, but the 7 cost $105, so it then becomes the question of why I don’t just get all 18 sheets for the $142 bucks. It’s a damned scam!