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Happy Boy’s Day Bento (352)

Today is Day 2 of the Pacific Rim Conference, but I’m currently at home trying to get an appointment with my doctor for my finger, which looks like it’s infected. It’s finally past his office hours, but still just the machine. I obviously need a less popular, yet still competent internist. The joint stings when I move it sometimes and it’s red and puffy this morning, which tells me not all might be well in Pikko Left Pointerville.

I got up at the butt crack of dawn to make this for Buddy, not really thinking about what happened last time. When I told Mr. Pikko though, he reminded me it’s against the rules. I dunno what I was thinking. Maybe that I could convince the teachers that it’s only one freaking lunch out of the whole year? Anyway, I called and there’s a “no home lunch” rule unless the kid has a food allergy. Wanting to make preschool admin voodoo dolls means I haven’t been having the greatest day so far.

The rice is blue from food coloring in the water used to cook the rice. I used two drops for cooking 1 cup of rice. The boy’s head is made from bologna using one of my food cutter wheels. His kabuto is made from kamaboko cut freehand. The three fish are freehand as well, with the little scales made from cuts in the fish made with a piece of straw. The food at the top is Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets from Costco. I was going to make croquette, but found out that I didn’t have any cream corn ones. Next to that is broccoli covered with carrot flowers and some shelled edamame on a toothpick.

Here’s another angle. I wish I could have figured out something else to put on top of the nuggets, but oh well. I started out with only three, but since Buddy tends to eat like food is going out of style, I ended up putting in two more. I had a matching side bento with fruits in it, a matching fork, and a little furikake packet. He’ll just eat it for dinner… *sigh* Baby Girl had bento envy this morning and since I may end up taking a sick day anyway, I guess I should make more carp in a bento for her too.

I’ve called three times while writing this post and still no receptionist answering plus one busy signal. I bet you in the end he won’t have any open appointments, in which case I’ll just go to the conference.

I had hoped to launch my Mr. Bento giveaway today, but I have to postpone until Thursday as I haven’t had time to set the whole thing up yet. Stay tuned!