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Fish House, M.D.

I was going to post this last night, but then my darned USB card reader had to go and die after less than three months use. I made sure to give it a big poopy review on Amazon just to get even. This morning I was complaining about it to Mr. Pikko and how I wasn’t able to get my pictures off my camera because my computer won’t read the card directly until he finally asked me why I don’t just use my USB cable.


Yeah, I totally forgot about that thing.


Meet the newest members of our family. Mr. Pikko had bought a betta and put him into the little kiddie pool outside, but he had no name yet. He wanted to buy females yesterday, so we went to the pet store and bought a tank. The kids picked some fish and I picked the decorations.

On the way home I told Baby Girl to start thinking of names for her fish and after trying to name her fish the first and last name of some girl at her school (uh, weird), then Mommy and Daddy (“Mommy, Daddy won’t eat his fish flakes!!”), I suggested she name her fish House and Wilson. She loved the idea and so we started playing around with the names. She happily cried, “Now we have doctor fish!!”


Her two fish ended up becoming Dr. Chase and Dr. Wilson. The most hilarious part is that she thinks the blue metallic stripe on them are lights, so when they were going to bed, she asked why her fish had turned their lights off. Hahaha!!

The four female bettas became Cameron, Cuddy, Amber, and Thirteen.


This is Buddy’s fish, Dr. Foreman. I prefer the real one on tv. This one just freaks me out. He’s called a plekastimus or something. I’m going to just call it a hickey fish, cause he just sucks on the side of the tank. The original male betta turned into Dr. House, since he lives outside by himself. I didn’t take his picture, cause you never know, fish might have canes and want to hit you with them.

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