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Egg Salad Sammie Bento (370)

I still have no clue what the mystery plant in my yard is! To give people more clues, I popped open one of the small pods and found a single brown round “seed” thing. I popped it and liquid came out. The smell was slightly vinegar-ish. ??? The fish are still fine, though Mr. Pikko had a near-fatal pump accident that caused almost all the water to pump out. Foreman was fine since he’s a bottom dweller, but House is now fin-crippled, which is bizarrely fitting…

Today I’m having egg salad sandwiches and I tried out my Panda Sandwich Cutter from J-List. As you can see, I need practice at it…

The part that proved the most difficult for me was not having the right type of bread slice shape. The Roman Meal bread that we buy is flatter, which means that it’s a rectangle shape instead of a square shape. I had the same problem with the multi-shape sandwich cutter that I reviewed not too long ago.

The sandwich cutter comes in two pieces. The outer brown piece is what actually cuts the bread. The inner white piece has a flat bottom, which presses down the sandwich sides to seal the sandwich. You use them both together to get a nicely pressed down sandwich with the crusts cut off.

I’m sure when using square shaped bread this works wonders, but I found it extremely frustrating to use with the bread I had. I mucked up a half sandwich as well since I filled it a little too much. So… my tips are to use square bread and don’t stuff it too much! I’m guessing on the Japanese instructions somewhere they tell you how much max filling you can put. Other than those two little mishaps, the thing works just as described.

I ended up cutting my full sandwich in half and using a different box than the one I’d originally picked because it was too skinny. I sliced up one of my garden tomatoes, added two yellow pear tomatoes, then three half slices of kiwi. I’ll eat the sammies and then rip up the lettuce lining to eat as a salad with the tomatoes!

This box has a basket top, but I didn’t have any fruits to put in it this morning, so I took the Keroppi top and just snapped it onto the blue bottom. It fit perfectly! If you have this box, there’s no rule saying you have to smash down your lunch with the white top it comes with. (I so hate that part of some bento boxes!)