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Salmon Veggie Bento

Last week, Amazon finally decided to grace me with their presence again, reactivating my Amazon Associates account after I was cut off when Linda Lingle’s online tax law was nearly put into effect. It never did, but thanks to that little “scare”, Amazon didn’t need to pay me any associates fees for all of July. Well, whatever, time to make up for it. 😀

Salmon Veggie Bento

Today’s lunch is another KUT bento, using canned Alaskan salmon mixed with some olive oil mayo as the protein and the cherries and pasta as my carbs. I didn’t eat any bread, so I ate the salmon mixture with the lettuce, carrots, and broccoli.

The Ranier cherries are freaking fabulous! They’re so sweet! I’m a big fan of cherries and I learned a lesson buying cherries at Costco. Apparently the term “Dark Cherries” is code for “Crappier Than Bing, But Sure Looks Similar Cherries”. Anyway, I mixed the can of salmon with about 1 Tb of the reduced fat olive oil mayo and it crumbled very nicely.

This type of canned salmon is thankfully boneless. The first time I bought a can of salmon I was like, ewww, gross, the bones are in here! Even worse, they were all soft, so I assume you’re supposed to eat them. Maybe it’s healthy or something, but either way, yuck! I put the lettuce leaf in first, then spooned in the salmon mixture. The carrot sticks and broccoli were great for propping up the lettuce. Finally, I put the cherries in.

I bought Dead Until Dark so that I have something to read while I wait for Breaking Dawn to come in, which should be tomorrow. I’d forgotten about the premise of True Blood and was actually surprised that the basic story of Twilight is such a blatant rip-off of Sookie Stackhouse. For those too young to read these novels or watch this HBO porn show, Sookie is a human woman with a unique ability: she can read minds. One day, she meets Bill (who she doesn’t fear, by the way), a vampire whose thoughts are completely unavailable to her. This silence is basically why Sookie falls in love with Bill. Also, she’s a virgin. Sound familiar?

I dunno, maybe there’s some lawsuit filed by Charlaine Harris that I just don’t know about or something. lol

I’d been getting frustrated trying to find a good version of Bella’s Lullaby in piano on YouTube so I decided to dig out Mr. Pikko’s Rhapsody and was so happy to find Twilight Piano Lullaby Hits, which I haven’t found much on Google about. It’s not even a hard copy CD, you can only download the MP3 album. I liked it so much that I wrote a review for it, something I don’t do very often. Listen to Bella’s Lullaby – A Walk In the Forest and Edward’s Song – Northern Lights, both are truly beautiful. Carter Burwell will sound like a complete noob to you afterwards.

My review:

I found this album while searching on Rhapsody for a good piano version of Bella’s Lullaby and was extremely happy with what I heard because while Carter Burwell did compose a decent melody for Bella’s Lullaby in the original Twilight score, it never quite grasps the gentle, beautiful, peaceful overtones that you imagine Edward feels when he composes this song for Bella with Esme and Alice. When I heard it for the first time, it just didn’t seem to fully capture the depth of his love for Bella and the easing of a deep loneliness he’d felt for nearly a century.

However, the version on this album, titled A Walk in the Forest, is exactly what I would have expected to hear in a Twilight movie done by a better director, written by a better screenwriter, and produced by a better studio. It’s delicate, romantic, and calming; something you could easily play for your little ones to go to sleep and therefore making it a true lullaby collection. Edward’s Song – Northern Lights is probably my favorite on the entire album.

All of the tracks carry the same peaceful tone and you can truly imagine Edward composing or playing any of these songs, making it the perfect musical companion to Midnight Sun. I highly recommend people buy this when Midnight Sun is published, as I can see it making Edward’s first experience with love all the more intriguing and heartbreaking.

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