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Bento USB Winner!

One of my readers gave me a little wall graffiti on Facebook asking when the heck I was going to start posting again, so I figured, time to pick up the old WordPress pen again! The last few days have been ones of recovery for me. A crazy five days of backbreaking work started last Wednesday and lasted until Sunday, which included one more day of LOST filming on Saturday. It was pretty uneventful, we sat in a tent chatting with each other for like four hours before doing anything, but even with this little to do, I’d do it again anytime they call me.

You hear that casting? CALL ME AGAIN!

A few days ago there was a surprise in the yard for me:

My kumquats, which have taken their sweet lah-dee-dah time maturing, are finally turning color!! YES!! Only… they all seem to be doing it at around the same time. Go figure.

Last week was the deadline for entries into my drawing for the Bento USB Drive and after logging in 126 valid entries, I finally have a winner….

Congratulations to Mimi!!

Now, there were two different Mimis that entered, but the Mimi that won said that her favorite bento tool is furoshiki. I’ll be in touch soon about sending it to you!

Speaking of sending out prizes, I finally got around to mailing out my 500k Bento Contest prizes yesterday. I’m SO bad with mail, seriously. It was even worse with the hectic week and everything. And not to worry, you’ll all find out what the fuss is about eventually.

After all the craziness ended, Erika flew here on vacation and last night we went out to eat dinner with a forum poster on Allakhazam. We ended up eating at this place called Goma Ichi Ramen, which was voted Best Ramen in Honolulu Magazine for 2009. You wouldn’t know it from going there though. We walked in at a little after six and the place was completely empty.

Everyone touts the Tan Tan Men, but I’m not really into spiciness and after trying the similar broth at Goma Tei, I decided to get the Shoyu Ramen. The noodles were thin, just how I like them and they gave a really hefty portion of noodles, which was a big plus in my book. I got the choy sum and egg as added extras, both costing 96 cents each. The egg was utterly delicious, but the choy sum was SO not worth a dollar that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. In the end, it’s just choy sum and paying that much for what they gave just isn’t worth even that yummy vegetable.

The broth was nice, light, and tasty so I was quite happy with my ramen. The gyoza I ordered wasn’t that great. The insides were a bit dry and the outside wasn’t as crispy as I like it. I think Ichiben’s gyoza is way better, even though I still am not happy with their ramen. Overall, I thought it was good, but I wouldn’t call it the best ramen in Honolulu. It’s up there, though! I have no pictures… *hangs head in shame* My camera battery was dead and I couldn’t find my charger in time for dinner. I finally found it last night though… I really need to get my point and shoot repaired.

Anyway, after dinner we went walking around Ala Moana and I found the most pimp Halloween costume for Buddy. When I took it home he was still awake, so I had him try it on and holy crap he looks AWESOME in it. My parents goggles are in perfect condition.

Mr. Pikko had me hide it in the closet so that he forgets about it so that we can try our best to make it a surprise come Halloween night. I totally cannot wait!! Anyway, I’ll be back to bentoing next week. Stay tuned!