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Bon Jovi Bento (451)

Today I had one of the lowest motivation mornings in a long time. I got up at 6 and just sat around doing nothing, staring at websites but not reading them, thinking about a bento but not wanting to do it, etc. Then of course, Baby Girl decides that since there’s no school today, she’s allowed to wake up 45 minutes earlier than she usually does without any shaking, tickling, poking, begging, yelling, or screaming from me at all.

Bon Jovi Bento

I was going to make a Valentine’s Day sandwich bento because of my laziness, but after looking for 15 minutes for the triple heart cutter I got at Foodland, I gave up and had nothing. Then Clay from KITV suggested I do a Bon Jovi bento, since they had a concert here in Honolulu last night and have another tonight. Suddenly a light went off in my head, which was just what I needed. This fits nicely for Valentine’s Day, too. Sadly, I forgot Mr. Pikko is home with Baby Girl today and therefore did not need a bento.

Can you guess the Bon Jovi song before the cut?

It’s pretty easy, so I’d be shocked if anyone over the age of say, 25, couldn’t get it. It was one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs back in high school and I remember I used to have my bigass heavy duty stereo on my bed next to my pillow. When it was past my bedtime I’d listen with the volume super low and my ears pressed next to the speakers and sing along, this song being one of the best ones to sing in whispers.

Of course, I’m talking about Bed of Roses!

Bed of Roses

I had a container of cherry tomatoes in the fridge that were about ready to die, so I pulled them out and skinned them to make my “bed of roses” in some leftover Mongolian stir fry. I used sugar snap peas for the leaves and there’s a little side salad in the other tier with edamame and grated carrot. This bento is packed in a sakura bento box from J-List.

I used my lettuce knife for the first time! Did you know that using a metal knife is what makes your lettuce turn brown on the cuts? Using a plastic knife will stop that. I found this out from the label on the knife at Macy’s, haha!

In high school I was notorious for mishearing lyrics and my friends used to tease me endlessly about it. It’s nice to know that I’m still the same old me, cause I thought he’s saying, “For tonight I sleep on a bed of bells.” I’ve thought this for the last 18 years until I googled it today. If my friends ever read this, I’ll bet they’re cracking up right now.

More Docubentory stuff!

This one has a built in food divider and I think I’d use it more if it didn’t have that annoying fork in the cover. I hate boxes like these now. 🙁

This one is the same type, which sucks, cause it’s a bright blue that’s hard to work with color-wise. If I ever start purging, this will be one of the first to go!