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Three Chicks Stew Bento

Apparently writing anything on this blog is an automatic curse, because last night Buddy gave us hell. He wouldn’t fall asleep, kept waking up screaming, peed all over the hallway and bathroom, hogged the bed, and coughed in my face whenever he could. I woke up a zombie and ended up at Coffee Bean to buy an ice blended drink. I got the large and after that I felt all messed up, like that milkaholic Lindsay.

Oh snap, am I gonna get sued now?

On another note, I did find the video camera charger, so I can do a bento video now! That is, unless the curse continues and suddenly I’m all out of tapes.

Chicks Bento

I’ve got a trio of chicks topping my rice today. In the lower half is some leftover beef stew from Grandma J, which was reeally good because she made it on Tuesday. Om nom nom!! This took me about 10 minutes because I was super lazy due to above-mentioned zombie status.

The rice was actually from yesterday, but was still good surprisingly. Usually it dries out completely and  I waste it. I sliced carrots cause I was too lazy to bust out the mandoline and then used a cutter to make the flower shapes. I used a fat straw to cut out the center and fill it with cheese.


The little feet are made with charaben cutters too. The nori is punched with my little happy face punch and the beaks are just hand cut. For anyone wondering how I can stand cheese on rice, I pluck the cheese off and eat it before eating the rice. American cheese is nice and creamy, so it makes a nice quick snack before the main dish.