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Locke Spaghetti – LOST Bento #8

Lately it feels like I blink and Tuesday is here and it’s time to do another LOST bento. The Hoodlums and Pikko’s name had me distracted from brainstorming, so in the end I just decided to do another nori cutout, this time opting to try Locke, since the story is swirling around him now. I was actually going to do Richard Alpert, but the font I used for the Kwons last week didn’t have him in it. Bah!

Locke Bento

I was in a terrible rush this morning, so all I had time for was a quick kitchen shot. I’m not that happy with how I laid him out, as I made his face too fat and now he looks more like Sean Connery. Or Randy Couture. Oh well. I’m sure some of you that are coming here for the first time are wondering how I manage to cut nori like this. I use a Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors and printed paper laid on top.

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Since we had spaghetti for dinner last night, I didn’t really have much room for food creativity. I mixed the spaghetti sauce together with some whole wheat noodles and pieces of asparagus. I put the cheese Locke on top of a square of bread, which I’ll microwave with the spaghetti so that I have a nice piece of cheesy bread to eat with lunch.

Mmmm, cheesy Locke!

Now on to my Hoodlum picture of the day!


One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong…

Isn’t Wasabi so cute trying to be a frog? There was a black cat where he was, so he actually fits in much better than it did. My in-laws like to collect these frogs for good luck. The cowboy frog with the hat just kills me. I really want to get a yellow domo qee next. You know I’m totally naming it Tamagoyaki, right?

Have fun with LOST tonight all! FINALLY we get to learn more about the ageless Richard Alpert!