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Egg Sandwich a la Desmond

All right, so week after week, I cut out nori faces and talk about how much I love Desmond. This week, not only do I get to eat a Desmond lunch, but we all get to see the return of the guy who is arguably the most interesting and heartbreaking character in all of LOST. And as a special bonus, I get to finally see my face in LOST. No more butt shots for me, no siree!

Every couple of weeks, YouTube sends me a subscription update and since I’m subscribed to a Lost related channel, I saw that there was a sneak peek of this week’s episode titled, ‘Happily Ever After’. That’s the best quality clip I can find on YouTube right now. See if you can spot me! Hopefully there’s more, but I’m already thrilled with that.

Desmond Sandwich

For today’s cut out, I chose the scene that, two years later, still makes tears roll down my face when I watch it. This is when Des calls Penny from the freighter after being separated for more than eight years.

Previously on LOST…

Although Vlorsutes usually helps me with these cutouts, he wasn’t around last night, so I had to fiddle around in Photoshop myself until I bumbled into an image I was happy with. Even with that, I had to improvise a lot, so I got up at 5 AM to do this one. It took me until about 6:30 to finish it. To watch this scene, go here. If you don’t watch LOST, let me tell you now that this is the greatest scene in the series.

Desmond Sandwich Bento

To give a really short version, Desmond is a chicken and afraid to commit to the women he dates. He left a girl at the altar to join a monastery, then dumped Penny just when they had started living together. He joins the miliary, ends up going to military prison, and then much later ends up trapped on the island. Desmond blows up the hatch and suddenly his consciousness is going back and forth from 1996 and 2004, which will eventually lead him to his death unless he can make contact with a “constant” in both times. Penny is trying to move on from him, but he convinces her to give him his phone number. He tells her that if she still cares for him, she’ll keep the number and answer the phone when he calls her in eight years.

Fast forward to 2004, Desmond is calling Penny in the hopes that if she answers the phone, he won’t die and his conscious will settle back down in 2004. His life hangs on the chance that what he said to her 8 years ago was enough to keep her caring and answer the phone. When she hears his voice, you hear the complete heartbreak in her and this cutout is when he realizes that she still loves him and finally tells Penny how much she means to him.

So. Freaking. Good.

I know the phone looks a little weird, but oh well. Here’s hoping tonight’s episode is a glorious return. I’m totally stoked and even though I got to see the ending of it filmed, I couldn’t hear any of the words.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to report for filming on the set of The Descendants. *girly squeal*


We went to eat at Genki last week and I guess Tonkatsu wants me to change his name…