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Tango No Sekku Bento

The strangest thing happened to me this morning. I’m dropping off Buddy on the school playground when a little baby sparrow hops right between my feet and out the other side. I stopped and told his teacher, “Did you see that?” Then suddenly the bird takes off in flight, comes straight at my face, and promptly lands on my head. He just chills there for a bit, while I lower my head for his teacher to get it off. I tried to shoo him off and he hopped onto my hand! A little wild bird, too!

At first I said that I probably had lice now, but they shrugged that off, saying probably not. Then I realized just how cool it was to have a little baby bird just sitting on my hand. Eventually I gave it to the staff and they took it indoors to give it some bird seed.

I felt all nice and cheerful until I inspected my head in the car and remembered that my scalp is peeling from getting sunburned at Hanauma Bay. Seriously, how freaking embarrassing is that? I am definitely going to tell her that I don’t have the dandruff problem from hell when I pick him up.

Boy's Day Bento

I made this for lunch today (Boy’s Day) and when I showed it to Buddy, he immediately asked me if I could make more for his class. Since we were already ready to go, I told him I could print a picture for him to share, which he said okay to. Later, when I was walking him in, I gave it to him to hold and suddenly he got all distressed. He said I was supposed to print out a picture for each kid. When I told him that I couldn’t print out that many pictures, he said, “But everyone is going to fight over it!!”


Oh. Sorry. That was the sound of my head ballooning and my chest puffing out with pride that one of my offspring actually loves what I do. I cannot wait until he starts kindergarten.

I made some quick fried rice with a seasoning packet, then made the kamaboko fish with a whole wheat spaghetti noodle for a pole. The other side has chicken rolls plus strawberries. I made a similar bento last year and that one actually made it into Yum-Yum Bento.

My poor little baby girl is at home sick today, hopefully she feels better soon. Talk about a cruddy Children’s Day for her…

UPDATE: I have to head home to take her to the doctor, as it sounds like she might have the flu.


This is box #023 in my Docubentory.

And here are my Hoodlums celebrating Boy’s Day!


I will talk about the gut wrenching heartbreak that was LOST on Saturday, when I post Part 3 of my LOST Party Food series.