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Rabbit Stew Manto

The other day, I mentioned that we tried rabbit for the first time and Susan asked what made me want to try rabbit and the answer is that it wasn’t me, it was the man in the house. We had been planning on eating dinner at Chai’s Island Bistro for a while for his birthday because I had read they served it and he really wanted to know what it tasted like. We’d already been to Kiawe Grill to try the buffalo and some other exotic meat, but didn’t think it tasted any different than hamburger.

Shortly before we were going to go, I called to ask why I couldn’t find it on their menu. Turns out, so few people ordered it that they took it off the menu. I took to Twitter, causing quite a flurry amongst some Hawaii foodies as they tried to find me a place that served rabbit. The only real result was a Moroccan restaurant in Kailua, but I found quite a few terrible reviews so I decided to skip that place. In the end, Mr. Pikko found a guy in Makakilo that raises rabbits and sold meat, so he went and bought two. The first was younger, so I fried it and like I said, it came out pretty tough. The second was older, so I stewed it.

Rabbit Stew Bento

I packed this last night for Mr. Pikko and since it’s in my Zojirushi Mr. Bento, which holds a LOT of food should you choose to pack all four containers, I am calling this one a “manto”. It’s also a manto because what better way to describe a bento with a food a man just had to try.

By now you’re probably staring at that bowl with the yellow stuff and the white substance while thinking, “No… she wouldn’t… Would she?”

Rabbit Stew

Oh yes I did! I searched my fridge up and down and since Mr. Pikko is picky and wouldn’t eat like 5 out of the 5 colorful foods I was debating putting in, I had to improvise. Plus, that bowl with the milk is meant for liquid and I had no time to make soup. So in went a bag of Corn Pops and skim milk. Sadly, he had leftover lunch, so this is his lunch for tomorrow.

This is Box #029 in my Docubentory. I’ve actually kind of lost track of things and I only think this is Box 29. I really need to update my Flickr again!