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Mac and Cheese Bento, Part Deux

I know what you’re thinking. I’m trying to trick you by posting the same lunch twice. Alas, it is not so.

Yesterday, when I asked Baby Girl what she wanted for lunch, she was adamant, “Mac and cheese again. NO hot dog!” She had given her hot dog to her cousin to eat. Someone commented that I should put in chopped ham, which I asked her if I could do, but she said no. I insisted it’s the same ham she puts into her ham sandwich and she still said no. I thought about carrot puree too and oddly enough, someone commented about that too! I’ll have to bust out my Magic Bullet and do it next week, cause she actually is having mac & cheese today too, which makes three days in a row that she’s had the exact same lunch.

Mac and Cheese Bento 2

The good news here is that these lunches are costing me like a buck fifty to make, which is much better than paying five bucks a day for school lunch. At least this way, I actually know what she’s eating. With school lunch, I have to rely on what she tells me, which is usually, “I don’t know, I forget.”

I stayed home with a sore throat on Tuesday, but had to go in to work yesterday, so I made a quick lunch for myself. I tried Jaden Hair’s baked chicken katsu, which is called something else, like Crispy Chicken something. It’s from her cookbook, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, which I keep meaning to review, but still haven’t found the time. I’ve cooked three things from her book so far and everything tasted phenomenal.

Baked Katsu Bento

Normally I use chicken thighs for katsu, cause breasts usually turn out dry for me, but this recipe was very good and since it used breasts and no oil, it was much healthier. It didn’t brown as well as it was in her photo, but the citrus dipping sauce was amazing. I drizzled some on top of the katsu to give it a bit more golden color. I used a new slim bento box that I got from J-List. I really love the slim boxes now!

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