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Rib Salad Bento and Announcements

Last night after dinner we were watching a movie and at the end, the man goes to get the woman, he proposes, they share a long kiss. We’re watching in silence when Buddy blurts out, “They’re sharing germs.”

This from the little boy who just a few days ago declared he was going to marry his mommy. There was much bust laughing after that.

Rib Salad Bento

Today I’m having leftover ribs. I was going to pack it with rice, but when I looked into the rice cooker I found that I’d miscalculated how much was left over last night. So instead of rice, I turned it into a rib salad, peeling the meat off the bones and pairing it with ripped green leaf lettuce. On the side I have some leftover baked beans and corn. Now that I look at the corn though, it looks like I have a smudge on my lens. 🙁

I’ve packed this lunch in my blue Zojirushi Mini Bento. It’s a wonderful set if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone looking to brown bag it on a regular basis. It’s even got a matching thermos! If blue is not your style, there’s also a more girly version.

I have a couple of things to announce today. The first being my EasyLunchBoxes Giveaway winner. Drum roll please!

Easy Lunch Boxes Winner

Congrats Timeeka! May you pack many yummy lunches in your new easy lunch boxes!

I will be emailing you to collect your information, which will then go to the people over at EasyLunchBoxes and they will send you your prize.


In other news, I decided to start a new blog, one that is just a general cooking kind of blog. Learn2Cook is where I’ll be moving all my general cooking, baking, eating, and gardening. It’s got five general categories, which cover pretty much everything I feel weird about posting here on my bento blog:

  • Disaster Area – all the things that go wrong in my kitchen, which as you guys know, can be pretty often
  • Giveaways – free stuff I give out, sponsored by either me or a company (there’s one right now!)
  • Learn Stuff – tutorials split into Learn2 Bake, Learn2Cook, Learn2Eat, Learn2Grow, and Learn2Prep
  • Reviews – cookbook and product reviews
  • WTF is This? – a section exploring bizarre tools and foods

I hope you guys will take a look and follow my kitchen adventures there as well!