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Asian Spaghetti Bento

It started raining pretty hard yesterday which means that Mosquito Hell is starting up all over again. I was outside letting Peanut romp around and eat a bit and I got like five bites in half an hour. I’ve had “sweet blood” my entire life, which I guess wouldn’t bode well if some Edward Cullen were to show up. Even more so since I’ve completely gotten over Twilight and am now counting down the days until March 23, 2012, which is the tentative release date for The Hunger Games.

If you have not read this book, I am telling you now: you must. You might as well buy it too, because the waiting list at the library is no doubt ridiculously long and it’s a great re-read. It took my Aunty C buying it for me and sending it to me but once I got started, there was just no going back. I even named my Final Fantasy XIV character Katniss Everdeen.

Asian Spaghetti Bento

I had a really lazy morning, so I just dug out a frozen packet of Asian Spaghetti and added some broccoli, asparagus, and strawberries. It took me less than 10 minutes to pack this and it was very low point too. I was so busy at work today that I even forgot to eat until it was like 2:30. Being one serving with fruits and veggies, this bento was simply 5 points.

I had a terrible weekend of eating as Saturday we went to the Punahou Carnival and I ate a May’s Teri Burger. Who knows how much fat is in that thing, but it’s probably half my daily fat, which is why they taste like food of the gods. Then later that night, we went to Giovanni Pastrami to watch UFC 126. And while I love Chinese lion dances, the almost 2 hour drumming noise down in Waikiki droves me absolutely bananas, especially since I couldn’t hear what people were saying during the fights.

I ate two slices of Round Table BBQ Chicken Pizza, which is hands down my favorite gourmet pizza on the island, and had a mixed drink for fun. I’d prepaid for our reservation and was pretty pissed when they made us stand at the front for almost 15 minutes while they figured out why the hell someone was already in our seats.

They promised us a free round of drinks but as expected, forgot to comp us in the end. I still love their food, but I really really hated just being ignored for that long. They didn’t even bother to tell us what was going on and kept seating other parties. And this was the manager doing this, too.

Sunday, as many of you know, was Super Bowl weekend and I grazed all afternoon. I ate Chicken Nachos that I made with Pace Picante sauce I got from Foodbuzz, some Chinese takeout, and then later that night while testing out Zojirushi’s new rice cooker due out in March, I ate a ton of rice. Don’t worry, review to come in the next few weeks after I do more testing.

Snacks: strawberries and an orange, but I didn’t have time to eat the orange.

Weight: 149 lbs

Whee, no gain after all that guilty pleasure eating! While I wish I could have lost more than .4 lbs in a week, that’s just how it goes sometimes and this week was definitely a sometimes week. Plus, I like to think I’m gaining leg muscle. Biking today was noticeably easier, as I found myself pushing up the hill instead of crawling.

To make you all AWWWWWWW, here’s Peanut sleeping:

Peanut Sleeping

If you have any name suggestions, let me know. We want something a little more fierce than Peanut.