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Faux Four-Leaf Clover Bento

I’ve been posting pictures of our baby bunnies on Flickr and this morning was the first morning that one of them opened their eyes and perked up their ears. Two of them had jumped out of the nesting box and gotten itself stuck between the cage and box for warmth and so I was putting them back and decided to snap a picture while I was at it. The second one took a little peek at me. It’ll be really cool to have an Easter egg hunt this year with six little bunnies hopping all over the place! 😀

Chicken Scallopini Bento

This is the lunch I made for myself on St. Patty’s Day, using leftovers of the insanely named “Panko-Crusted Chicken “Scaloppini” with Warm Mango-Strawberry Chutney” that I made for dinner last week sometime. There’s a little bucket cup on the side that holds some of the chutney.

I lined the box with purple kale and then put the strips of chicken in. I put broccoli, cucumbers, a halved tomato, and a strawberry from our patch in the yard. To add a little St. Patrick’s Day touch, I made a four leaf clover out of radish sprouts from my new garden bed.

Faux Clover

All I did was take two sprouts and cross them so that the looked like a little fake clover. 🙂 I should have more sprouts to put into my bento soon, as I have to thin out my Cherry Belles soon. I thought all my radishes sucked, but I saw two that actually formed bulbs!!! Excited!!

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