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All Things for Sale Bento Giveaway

The nice folks over at All Things for Sale have offered to sponsor a bento set giveaway for my readers. They’ve got a lot of new cute bento products and to help announce them, they’re giving away, to one lucky winner, the choice between two different bento sets.

Bento Giveaway

This giveaway is open to bento makers all around the world. To enter, you must post separate comments for each entry for a max of three entries:

  • Required entry: Β Visit and post here which product or products you’d love to have the most.
  • Optional entry: Follow them on Facebook ( and post on their wall, then come back here and comment with a link to your wall post.
  • Optional entry: Follow both me (@pikko) and All Things for Sale (@bentousa) on Twitter, then tweet the following: Win a cute bento set from Adventures in Bentomaking (@pikko) and All Things for Sale (@bentousa)! Comment here with a link to your tweet.

This giveaway will close on May 31, 2011 and a winner will be drawn after that from valid comments. All comments deemed off topic or invalid will be removed. The winner will be allowed to choose between Bento #1 and Bento #2.




  1. I’ve been eyeing this bento box for a long time now:

    This is a great give away! πŸ˜€

  2. I would love to have the silicon baran leaf shapes πŸ˜€ that site is dangerous there are so many cute things!

  3. Awesome!!! Im a newbie, and I spent the whole morning in All things for sale , thinking about a “beginner set”. I already ordered some items, but Id love the Lunchbox Kokeshi Keisha set…its so cute! Also the animal shaped rice mold.

    And thank you for thinking of us (around the world) Im mexican and is really tough finding bento gear gere πŸ™‚

  4. Im a newbie and would love the Kokeshi Keisha Set, I agree with jenn…such a dangerous place!
    and thanks you so much for thinking of us (people around the world) πŸ™‚

  5. Like All Things for Sale on Facebook.

  6. Follow you , and All Things for Sale on Twitter and posted the message on Twitter.

  7. i would like to get the Microwavable Airtight 6pcs Bento Lunch Box BPA Free Dishwasher Safe. i have quite a few bento boxes, but most of them aren’t dishwasher and microwave safe. this is a nice, large, basic box i can fill with lunch and afternoon snack foods to get me through a long day at work. there are lots of other cute picks and cutters too, but this is very functional.

  8. I want a decorative banana slicer!


  9. Entry 1: Here is my fb link:

  10. Entry 2: Thinks I’d like: <–I enjoy cute, but orderly meals πŸ˜€ <–I only have two bento bags which I have been using for the past 4 years and these animal-face bags are adorable~

  11. And my tweet (tagged another person so she’d see it)!/asparenting/statuses/73165091754885120

  12. I’m going to say the geisha bento box because I keep looking and looking at it even though I know I don’t NEED it. But it’s SO cute. Or the ladybug bento box.

  13. So much cute stuff…
    Authentic Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Set Strawberry
    Japanese Bento Accessories PanCake and Fried Egg Maker Star
    Japanese Bento Rice Mold Triangle set of 2
    Japanese Bento Accessories Food Cup 24 pcs
    S&B Golden Curry Sauce with Vegetables Medium-Hot
    Japanese Bento Cute Food Pick 100 pcs – Clear and Slim
    Japanese Bento Accessory Chopsticks with Case Sakura Flower
    Japanese Bento Accessories Soy Sauce ANIMALS container with Dropper
    Japanese Microwavable Bento Baran Food Separator Sheet 24 Pcs

  14. My favorite product is Japanese Bento Box Accessories Sandwich Vegetable Cutter 3 Stamps. Perfect for my child who loves my bento already! πŸ™‚

  15. I love their products and their prices! I made a purchase a few months ago and was very pleased with how quickly the items came to me. (My additional wish items list is HUGE!) I really like those silicone bands, so different from the regular bento box bands, and probably much easier to keep clean.

  16. so many cute things! i think i have one of everything in my wishlist! but i did squeak with delight when i seen the lettuce leaf baran:

  17. Well after looking through their site, I honestly would be more than happy with anything. I would just be happy to win, even if the prize wasn’t the biggest or best. The fact that they offered me anything from their amazing site would be more than enough of a prize.

  18. Love the koala bear bento!

  19. There are way too many adorable bento accessories. I have 2 boxes now, and i’m trying to be good about not buying any more. Although if i were to cheat, I would want the Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box with Strap Panda .

    Sauce containers seem to be really hard to come by, the Japanese Bento Accessories Sauce Container Penguin and the Japanese Bento Box Accessories Monkey Mayonnaise Container are adorable. In fact… i think i must buy them now!

    My twitter entry!/Maeby42. (I have no idea how to link a specific tweet. #TechnologyFail)

  20. You mean I have to pick ONE thing on their site? lol I have been wishing for months for a nori puncher to makes faces with (or 2… or 10!) That would be the top of my wish list. XD

  21. this is too cool for school!
    Japanese Bento Nori Cut Seaweed Cutter Puncher Happy Face.

    my wall post
    Sarah Yamaguchi
    my baby is only 2 months old-but i need to master the art of bento making before he gets much older.. this site has so many goodies that really inspired me to get cooking! β™₯!!
    2 minutes ago Β· Like Β·

  22. link to my tweet:!/xtinayates/status/73195487062261760

    Hope I win!! πŸ˜€

  23. OH MY GOSH SO CUTE!!!! Haha pick only one favorite thing? How is that even possible? Any of the animal food molds are just plain adorable. But I also like the partition sheet set with the animals and plants partitions! SO CUTE. πŸ™‚

  24. I’m really new to bento making so I would love some sauce containers. They’re so cute!

  25. I love the animal picks!

  26. I’ve liked All Things For Sale on Facebook! πŸ˜€
    (I NEEEEEEEEEEED those hat picks in a bad way! lol)

  27. I would love to get the:
    Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Black For Men Set
    For my son!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  28. Doh! Sorry, I hit enter on accident!
    What I meant to say is that my wishlist is brimming with items from the site! I want the hat picks, the little nori punch with the face and bow, the onigiri stencil set, animal head cups with lids, the new squirrel and lamb cup set, the silicone leaves…. so so so many things!

  29. Like AllThingsForSale on Facebook!

  30. I have bought a lot of things from All for my kids. I would love to have a bento box for myself, and graduate out of tupperware containers. I am a kid at heart, and I adore this bunny one.

    <3 .

  31. Win a cute bento set from Adventures in Bentomaking (@pikko) and All Things for Sale (@bentousa)!

  32. I would love nori face punches! so cute!!!

  33. i liked All things for sale and posted on their wall

  34. I can’t decide which I like more from the allthingsforsale website. Either the cute ladybug bento box or the punches that make indents on the bread! My kids would love it all!

  35. Japanese Kitchen Cute Chick Spice Container
    How cute!
    Thanks for throwing gasoline on this fire πŸ˜€

  36. I absolutely love the Microwavable Japanese 2 Tier Bento Lunch Box Lunch Box Sakon Cat with Strap!! It looks like its got a lot of space which works well for my huge appetite! =$
    And the Japanese Bento Decoration Animal Shaped Rice Mold 4 Designs looks so adorable! Who wouldn’t love cute food!?

    Also, I am following you and tweeted the message:!/xxSilence/status/73245006470725632

  37. I love the Kokeshi Keisha and Samurai Bento boxes. How cute are they?!?!

  38. I follow All Things On Sale on FB – Elizabeth Turner N.

  39. Following you both on Twitter – LibbysLibrary!/LibbysLibrary/status/73267459825741824

  40. I love the Japanese Bento Deco Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 14 pcs

  41. i follow both twitter accounts and tweet –!/forgetshyness/status/73273762497306624

  42. Arg, cannot choose between the portable cutlery set 4-in-1

    and the food seperator leaves

    I really want and need the first one, but my head started playing the Totoro theme as soon as I saw the latter.

  43. I visited their site thinking about things I’ve been wanting forever – egg molds, shape cutters for ham, cheese, & nori – then I saw their reusable silicone dividers. Love those!

  44. Here is the link to my post on their FB wall –

  45. I love the pokemon bento box set, my little man would be over the moon with it!

    Japanese Pokemon Bento Box Lunch Box Set with Water Bottle

  46. I’d love one of the Lock & Lock Bento sets or the panda head shaped bento box. Then there’s the accessories that I want…. =)

  47. Japanese Bento Deco Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 14 pcs

  48. i would love to get a Microwavable Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Sakura 2 Tier

  49. There are so many products I would love from allthingsforsale

    But this is just so cool and would love to use it for a breakfast brunch!!

  50. OMG everything is so cute. I would love anything with a monkey on it, the food picks would definitely make my lunch happy everyday!

  51. Tough to decide what I’d want from their site, I have a couple cheap bento boxes that don’t work well and that’s it, so pretty much anything would be fantastic! I think I’d probably find some of the soy sauce containers or any of the microwaveable/dishwasher-safe bento boxes the most useful, but I don’t know which ones work the best, so I don’t know which I’d pick! I like the lunch sets that come with an insulated bag and a water bottle. The one with the blue/green striped bag looks nice.

  52. All Things for Sale is an amazing site! The prices are spectacular and it can really get me into trouble with four kids running around. I have been looking at the Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box Kokeshi Keisha Set for me so I can pack soups during the fall and winter months. However, insulated bags, nori punch and weiner cutters are on the list before I purchase myself anything.

    what a incredible giveaway!!!

    I have done all the things you requested, everything for those cute accessories for my bento!!!

    Here is my tweet!/WonderCle/status/73469519061983232

    Here is my message in the dashboard (I was your follower yet)!/AllThingsForSale/posts/187221271328580

    And now… what I want!!! I want it all!!!!
    But I wish could have all kind of pics, I love them!!! and Silicon food cups, and a bento bag!!!

    I just start dreeming and keep doing it until 31 maj!!! πŸ˜€

  54. I’d love the animal pick school bus. Seems like a cute way to organize them!

  55. I buy a most of my bento supplies from there and I know on the next order I am going to be ordering one of the men’s lunch sets. Hubby has decided my lunches look better than his!

  56. I have been ordering from there weekly for the past month, lol. so next on my remaining wishlist is probably the Made in Japan Microwavable Bento Box Lunch Box Set 2 tiers. ROYGBIV goodness πŸ™‚

  57. I would really like to have the Lock & Lock square bento lunch box 3-pc set with insulated bag.

  58. I am following both you (@pikko) and (@bentousa) on Twitter and have Tweeted about this Giveaway:
    @lyndacooks Lynda Clark
    @pikko Win a cute bento set from Adventures in Bentomaking (@pikko) and All Things for Sale (@bentousa)!!/lyndacooks/status/73477687565500416

  59. I Liked Allthings forsale on Facebook as Lynda Clark and I left a comment on their wall.
    I have also shared about this Giveaway on my Facebook profile wall:
    Lynda Clark and Adventures in Bentomaking shared a link.
    All Things for Sale Bento Giveaway
    Want some new cute bento tools for your lunches? Enter this giveaway sponsored by All Things for Sale and win one of two sets of their newest products!

  60. Oh my goodness I want so many of the items on here!
    They actually have a few things im considering for my first box, one that I can use for school and work!
    This one because its dishwasher safe and

    because its insulated
    Im going to have to raid this site! πŸ˜€

  61. I would like to try the Japanese Bento Deco Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set Wow Animal. It looks so cute! πŸ™‚

  62. That’s amazing! I would absolutely love to have the vegetable cutters – Japanese Bento Accessories Vegetable Cutter Flowers 8 pcs

    The Japanese bento box – Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box Kokeshi Keisha Set

    or the nori cutter –

  63. I love the Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box with Strap Pig Face from All things for Sale website.
    I followed them on Facebook, and the post.

  64. I already have bento boxes, egg molds and rice molds so now I’m looking for accessories – like their penguin sauce container – so cute! And the flower leaf picks – and the adorable hat picks! I like the face & nori cutters, too.

  65. I’m loving the leaf food picks. I’ve seen so many people use them, and I always think they are such lovely embellishments. For $3.99 I should just buy them, huh?

  66. I only recently became really interested in bento and next week I am moving into a house with eight other girls so I’m excited for the opportunity to make cuter lunches (as opposed to the basic leftovers in a Tupperware or bagged sandwiches I had before). Unfortunately I do not have many supplies, but I have figured out what to do about a lot of them, here are some things I really liked!:

    Although the vegetable cutter is my favorite ^.^

  67. So… I don’t know if my other post didn’t post or something but I can’t see it so I’m trying again! Here is my fb post:!/AllThingsForSale/posts/187291981321509

    And what I liked most online :):

    It’s great that you’re doing this! Especially for poor college students like me ^.^;

  68. I’ve followed your blog for a while! I’m relatively new to the bento world and it’s blogs like this one, along with your book, that make it easier for newcomers like me to come up with ideas. I’ve ordered from before and they have some great stuff. I’m in love with their 2 tier sakura box. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and see the cherry blossoms!

  69. I love the egg molds and the wooden figures. I love the silicone cooking molds like the heart or star…. I just make do with regular containers but having a real bento box would be coooool. thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  70. In case it isn’t obvious, I am determined to get all my chances on this one! Here is the link to my tweet!!/CagedAglaia

    I hope I’m doing these urls right!

  71. I adore the kokeshi samurai bento set. So kawaii! Makes me wish I still had little boys at home instead of grown almost men. I was looking around in Marukai and I just had to stop into this blog for inspiration.

  72. I would honestly be happy with a lot of their silicone grass seperators or even a nori punch! Although I do really like their 2 tier gorgeous rabbit set.

  73.!/cookingupnovels/status/73605934416527360 <—-Twitter entry (Same ole, same ole ^^;)

  74. Oooh ooooh! I want to play! This microwaveable airtight bento lunch box set in lovely red is so cute and functional!

  75. Yeayyyy… First of all, i’d like to thank you for the give away.

    I already post in All things for sale Fb, and this is the link:!/AllThingsForSale/posts/187085371342170

    And these things which i wanted to have badly:
    Microwavable Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box Red Lucky Cat:–843495002391.html

    Japanese Kids Bento Box Lunch Box with Strap Lady Bug :

    Japanese Bento Accessories Food Cup with Animal Head Lid 3 sets:

    Japanese Bento Lunch Decoration Food Pick Spring 12 pcs:

  76. Not sure if my other post didn’t work (?) It’s not showing up…

    Already a fan on FB and so excited for this giveaway! I only discovered their awesome website a few days ago.

    Been a long time lover of all things Bento and have only just begun my own making process. I need to build up my supplies! πŸ™‚
    I would love one of their bento boxes, cute pick sets, their silicon egg mold, and some sauce containers. I love the Bento #2 shown in your pic with the post!

  77. I am new to doing bento. I have ordered them at restaurants but haven’t done them myself yet. I have fallowed on FB and here is my choice.

  78. Oh man, I’m in love with that animal pick school bus!!


    The ham/cheese cutter set is incredibly cute! I think that and maybe the lucky cat bento box.

  80. Hello,
    I want to take part on your great contest. πŸ˜€ I am not a very lucky person, but I give it a try. πŸ˜‰

    Actually I just start with my first Bento and began to collect some Accessoires. πŸ™‚ So All Things for Sale is a little paradise for me. <3 I love all things, exspecially the boxes and for example:
    – Food Picks (Leaf, Panda, Hat…)
    – Sandwich Cutter
    – Baran (Silicone and normal)
    – Silicone Cups (all forms)
    – …

    And I looove the Kokeshi Dolls, because I collect them. <3

    Best wishes,

  81. Yeah and of course here is the twitter entry πŸ˜‰!/Erdbeerkirsch/status/73846544868196354

    I am very excited πŸ˜€

  82. well, of the giveaway items i love the cups, cutters and picks! soon i would love to have the silicone lettuce barans! thank you! this is an awesome giveaway!!

  83. Entry #2 …continue checking πŸ™‚ …..I notice these:

    to match my already ordered pink bento box (waiting for it impatiently)
    Thnx again for theis wonderful giveaway (liked you everywhere!!)

  84. Entry #2 …..still checking …and found these:

    Adorable and match my already ordered pink bento box
    Thnx again for this giveaway

  85. I can’t decide what I like the most, I want it all! I have never bentoed before, but I really want to start learning now so that the time my baby boy becomes a toddler, I can make fun and cute things that he will want to eat!

  86. I’d love to get the 2 tier lunch box Kokeshi samurai set! So cute! I actually like a different one from the same Kokeshi bentos, but since they only have that and the geisha one, I’d much rather have the samurai one!

  87. Here is the thing i want the most! I love using weiners in my bento so this is perfect! πŸ™‚–4904705156917.html

  88. I love the strawberry bento bag set.

  89. My wife would love the lunch bags and sandwich stamps.

  90. I really like those bento box sets. All-in-one!

  91. I love the 3 set of sandwich vegetable cutters and food cup with animal head lids 3 pack!

  92. I like all things for sale on FB

  93. I am loving the
    Japanese Bento Bag Insulated Lunch Bag for Bento Box, the weiner cutters, and much more! The silicone baran are cute!

  94. I like them on facebook!

  95. I’ve been obsessed with these since Iheard about them and read about them in a bento magazine! This also would be nice because I usually make my family’s bentos at night because my mum and partner both get up early for work. This would be good since they can microwave it. (Our current ones are not microwaveable T_T)

  96. My FB entry for Bento giveaway contest:-


  97. The silicone baran which are shaped like leaves are beautiful. I need them!

  98. Love this site! πŸ™‚ I really really want the animal shape rice molds and the Vegie and Sandwich cutters. THere is another sandwich cutter set that is out of stock, but the prices are so great, i’ll have to check in there again and place an order! πŸ™‚

  99. I know that this seems silly, but I want the leaf picks. I have seen them used very often and like the way they accent all sorts of foods, sometimes transforming them in fruits and vegetables that they aren’t

  100. Here is a link to their wall, I don’t know how to just pull up my post though: and I liked them πŸ™‚

  101. Here is a link to the Tweet:!/alcinoe01 I am following both of you now πŸ™‚

  102. I am new to Bento Box lunch making, but I had one at a restaurant and it was so much fun! So here I am researching them and came across this site!
    Here is the item I would love to have. Thank you!

    A little twitter:!/LadyPandi

    Lock&Lock Square Bento Lunch Box 3-pcs Set with Insulated Bag

  103. I would want the Japanese Bento Decoration Animal Shaped Rice Mold 4 Designs! Such cute animal designs <3

  104. i would most like to have: Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box with Strap Red Flower!

  105. I’ve bought stuff from All things for sale and they are great. I like their deco cutters and punches even though I have a load already. I always like getting their pokemon stuff too, but have everything they have in stock right now! Thanks.

  106. So… I really have always wanted the leaf picks. I mean… when I go and wishfully fill my shopping cart, there are a LOT of things that go in it. But the leaf picks are always the first thing in.

  107. I have a lock&lock addiction…. Now I “need” the square lock&lock bento set!

  108. I’d love the koala bento box, to make lunches for my fiancee.. She’s from Australia and working on getting her citizenship, but she is getting a bit home sick! I’d like giving her little touches of home to cheer her up sometimes.. she’s done a lot for me, given up a lot to be with me, and for that I am forever grateful *end of mushypost*
    and like others have said, that site IS dangerously cute, OH MAN.

  109. The lock and lock square insulated three piece set would be a BEAUTIFUL addition to any bento box collection! πŸ™‚

  110. Wow, this was a hard one to choose! My wishlist includes:

    Silicone Microwavable Reusable Bento Baran Lettuce Leaf Sheet
    Japanese Bento Box Accessories Sauce Container set of 4 Lovely Mayo Cup
    Japanese Bento Rice Mold Roll Fish
    Japanese Bento Rice Mold Roll Heart
    Japanese Bento Nori Cut Seaweed Cutter Puncher Face
    Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box Kokeshi Keisha Set
    Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box Kokeshi Samurai Set
    Japanese Bento Box Accessories Soy Sauce containers with Funnel

    (I really, really love the geisha bento lunchbox. <3)

  111. I would love this bento set. My wife always packs my lunch in a girly bento this set would be great for me to bring to work!!!

  112. Here’s a link to my tweet:!/phechan3/status/74998276381884416 (^_^)V

  113. I’d love the Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box with Strap Pig Face!…
    All things for sale has so many great bento items πŸ™‚ and at good prices too! =D

  114. I’d love the Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box with Strap Pig Face!=) All things for sale has so many great bento items and at great prices too!=D

  115. Here is my facebook post:
    All Things For Sale – Microwavable Reusable Bento Baran Silicone Lettuce Leaf Sheet
    I cannot figure out how to post a link!
    Here is a copy of my facebook post!

    All Things For Sale – Microwavable Reusable Bento Baran Silicone Lettuce Leaf Sheet
    β€Ž3 pcs of Japanese Bento Box Accessory Food Divider Food Separator Silicone Sheet
    April 22 at 4:35pm Β· Like Β· Β· Reshare
    Betsy Walling Furler I love these!!! Cannot wait to order – but there are so many fun things to choose from!

  116. Hi. In my country we only find basic stuff for sushi making. I try to do bentos as much as I can specially because I love japanesse food and stuff, but they are usually basic ones because I can’t find proper things for chyaraben.

    The stuff I’ll need to start with proper ones would be (I know they are a lot, but I would like all of them for my basic bento making πŸ™‚ ):
    – Japanese Bento Deco Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 14 pcs
    – Japanese Bento Accessories Sandwich Cutter 3 designs Small
    – Japanese Bento Accessories Vegetable Cutter Flowers Size M and L 5pcs
    – Japanese Bento Accessories Silicon Food Cup 6 Pcs
    – Japanese Bento Accessories Egg Mold Star Heart for Bento Decoration
    – Japanese Bento Box Accessories Soy Sauce containers with Funnel
    – Microwavable Japanese Bento Box Lunch Box with Chopsticks Black
    – Silicone Japanese Bento Food Separator Sheet Reusable

    My facebook post is:!/AllThingsForSale/posts/188228881227819

    My tweet is:!/adrigurumi/status/75035697727283201

    BTW, I love your blog πŸ˜‰

  117. Oh boy time flies when you look at cute Bento accessories! I really want the carrot cutter:

  118. Liked them on FB, and I want the silicon baran … so cute!!!

  119. Oh how to choose!! There’s so many fabulous products I’d absolutely love from All things for Sale but here’s just a few…

    Animal Food Picks with School Bus Case
    Animal Shaped Rice Molds
    Ham/Cheese Wow Animal Sets
    Sandwich Cutters
    Samurai Set Bento Box

    and loads more….

  120. I’d like the sandwich cutters (in the shape of bear, heart/bird and star) those little hats picks are really cute too

  121. following all things for sale on facebook (jennifer davies) and posted to their wall

  122. tweeted!/n4zfk/status/75576159340994560
    and following both of you @n4zfk


  1. All Things for Sale Bento Giveaway – Bento Central - [...] to win one of two cute bento sets from All Things for Sale. Ends May 31, 2011. [from Adventures…