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Steak Bento and a School Lunch Experience

For Labor Day, we pulled out the big, ginormous water slide one more time and I grilled a ton of steaks for quite a small amount of people, so we had a lot of leftover steak. I threw together a quick bento for myself this morning.

Steak Bento

The rice went in first, then I just lumped the pieces of steak in, which we’d cut the day before. Baby Girl had avocado for breakfast and since we have avocados about 4x the size of normal ones, there was quite a bit left to use up, so I threw a few slices in and topped it off with some grapes and an ume. I packed this in just over 5 minutes.

Last week, Baby Girl had a 2nd grade school picnic and when we were first asked to sign up for it, I thought it’d be a nice time to use my Hello Kitty Wagara box. Unfortunately, along with the note was a request from the teacher that we buy school lunch so they can keep their staff. It was $5 per adult and I figured I’d try it out just to see if it had changed any since I remembered it from 25 years ago.

School Lunch

Lunch was lasagna, which was nice since I do love me some lasagna. There was a little student height bar of fresh produce like apple wedges, melon salad, and green salad. Students were only given apple wedges though, so we let Baby Girl have some of our fruits. Apparently Mr. Pikko never used to take apples when he was in public school because he made a vomit face when he tasted the heavily salted wedges.

The bread was pretty amazing, but I’ve always loved school cafeteria bread. I was one of those people that used to ask my friends for their rolls, though in my day it was a cute little buttered round roll, not a slice. The lasagna was really thin and rather rubbery, but the taste was decent. I ended up stuffing myself because Baby Girl didn’t eat her slice of bread. I guess old habits die hard. 🙂

I used to love pulling cafeteria duty and me and my friend were cafe cashiers in high school for a few years, which I loved as well. I guess in a way I’ve always been a foodie, but never fully realized it until I began blogging!

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