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Parent Map: 10 Thanksgiving Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

Pilgrim BentoA few days ago, a nice woman named Jen Betterly emailed to let me know that they’d featured one of my very few Thanksgiving themed bentos in an article over at a cute site named Parent Map. Featuring ten cute character bentos parents can use as inspiration for their kids’ lunches, the Parent Map article features work by some really great charaben artists, so be sure to check out the article and visit everyone featured!

The unfortunate part is that this article made me realize that a lot of my images are broken on this site, so I’ve begun working on figuring out which ones need to be re-done so that images are visible once again. When I moved everything over to my aibento domain, it broke all the links to an old gallery I’d been using at It also made me realize that I didn’t have a Thanksgiving category, but I’ve since made one. I only have two in it at the moment though, so that’s definitely an area to work on!

Any special requests on Thanksgiving themes? Let me know!