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Red Picnic-Style Sakura Bento Box

This week’s recommended shopping item is a red version of the beautiful 3-tiered picnic style bento box from J-List. I own the red and black version of this box and it continues to be one of my favorite bento boxes, even though I own hundreds of them. (Click here to view this item on J-Box)

Red Bento Box

A thin design, the box is quite small, but with three tiers, gives you ample room for packing enough food to satisfy you. It comes with a gorgeous carrier, a red elastic band, and chopsticks that conveniently help secure the boxes in place.

Red Bento Box

There aren’t individual covers for each tier; the box relies on the tier above it for cover and the top one has a little cover. I’d recommend washing your chopsticks in the bathroom before putting them back into the cover, otherwise you’ll end up with gross food bits inside there and I have no idea how you’d go about cleaning it.

Inside, one of the boxes has a food divider, but I find myself rarely using these and I have a graveyard drawer of them in my kitchen. I store them with my elastic bands and I’m sure every time I open the drawer to grab a band, the poor dividers get their hopes up for nothing. ^_^

The box is on the pricier side at $35, but with such a gorgeous and inventive design, it’s not hard to imagine that you’d look pretty darn cool taking this baby to work.