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Pou Bento

A couple months ago my kids started playing this really weird Tamagochi-like game called Pou, which is — and I’m not even joking here — a game where they raise a little poop and feed it and take care of it. It’s really bizarre. Even stranger, I’ve seen ads for this game on Facebook, meaning other people than my odd children play this raising a pile of doodoo game.

There appear to be oodles of versions too.

Buddy stayed home with a stomach ache today, so that made him my likely victim for a bento today. I’ve got the itch back, so I’m definitely making use of it. And geez, taking photos midday? Way easier with the lighting.


I made meatloaf the other night, and I didn’t use all of the hamburger, so I had half a pound in the fridge, which I seasoned with salt and fried up really quick. I made the eyes out of swiss cheese slices and nori, cut using a coffee straw and a bubble tea straw. For baby Pou, I rolled the cheese and smushed them so they made nicer eyeballs. If you just cut cheese with coffee straws, you end up getting this weird mini cylinder of cheese that’s difficult to place.

On the side I have a checkered apple, mini carrot sticks, and some strawberry halves. He was very happy with it and ate everything but the lettuce, saying it was really good and hit the spot. Several times during lunch I could hear him saying, “I feel really bad eating Pou.” lol


The nyak! word is this noise he makes when he’s being fussy, which I get a kick out of whenever I hear them playing because ha ha, now they get to be parents of a poupy “child” that doesn’t want to behave. #karma

Yesterday’s snack bento went over really well with Mikia. We’d gotten into a fight on the way home over something dumb, but when we got home I told her I made her a snack lunch and she went straight to the fridge and ate it without a word. She seemed to be fine after that, so I guess the cuteness of it helped. 🙂