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Kabuki Leftovers

We went out to eat at Kabuki last night and hubby ended up at home sick, so I packed up my leftover food for him to try eating when we got home. I thought being sick and having a nicely arranged dinner would make him eat slower, but he inhaled it Mr. Pikko style anyway.

As predicted, salmon ended up being the best choice for me. I got their Teishoku A, which is salmon shioyaki, tempura, and sashimi. Hot damn was that sashimi good. I haven’t had it in… I dunno, it’s been a long time. Probably that blissful month between ending breastfeeding Baby Girl and finding out I was preggers with Buddy.


This leftovers bento has rice, salmon shioyaki, teriyaki chicken (from the kids’ plate), shrimp tempura, takuan, mac salad, and tsukemono. I tried to take this photo when no one from the family was watching, but a couple raised eyebrows made it through anyway. Unfortunately, they were way too far away and assuring them of my sanity would have required yelling across the room. “IT’S FOR MY BLOG!”

This means I don’t have a bento for today, but that’s fine since I only ate half of my bento yesterday. Eating a fist size chunk of tofu before your lunch really fills you up, who would have thunk it! I’ll be bringing some miso soup I made for Mr. Pikko to eat with my leftover leftover bento.