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Beef Broccoli Bento (241)

Everywhere you look and all over talk radio, people talk non-stop about the economy. With gas prices being what they are, who can ignore it anymore, right? All this has led to Mr. Pikko getting me into food storage. Last night I went to K-Mart and bought a hundred canned goods. Every week now I peruse all the supermarket ads to find the best deals and then take us on market trips to stock up on whatever I can find on sale.

Yesterday I was reading through the ads that came in with Midweek and I saw the most hilarious product ever. A Hinode brand bag of “hapa” rice. It’s basically a bag of half brown/half white rice. For my mainland readers, the word “hapa” is a term referring to a person who is part Hawaiian and part Caucasian. I’ve heard this term used for people who are half Asian/half something else, but I can assure you the term is supposed to refer to someone who has some Hawaiian blood. Anyway, that aside, I had a great laugh about that. Not that I’d buy it, though. I can mix my own damn rice!


Since Lowe’s is right by K-Mart, I stopped by and bought another lamp. This time it only took 2 employee inquiries before I found them. Home Depot took 5, which drove me insane. “You can do it. We can help lead you all over our massive store on a wild goose chase!”

The reason I mentioned the hapa rice is because I have some today! This mix is something my grandma has done for years and years and is a great way to satisfy your need for white rice while still eating the healthier brown rice. This probably works really well for brown rice sushi, which I know can have stickiness problems.

I wasn’t feeling very inspired for my lunch today, so I just jammed some jungle animals into my little forest of beef broccoli. Those lil guys better not be doing bad things to my lunch!

A lot of you gave me great suggestions yesterday for my pan horrors. My cousin (who it turns out, gave me that pan) emailed to say that she had bought one for herself too and that eggs give her that same problem!! It’s genetic!!!